5 Most Shocking Rumors About Idols That Were Never Confirmed

1. MAMAMOO’s Solar is a North Korean refugee There were once rumors of MAMAMOO’s Solar being a refugee from North Korean. In fact, it got so out of hand she had to come out and talk about it on a variety program. Theories about her past were widely talked about as netizens noticed the singer […]


Charli XCX hints at possible collab with Jay Park

British singer-songwriter Charli XCX just dropped a tweet that her new mixtape is coming out, and Jay Park is rumored to be in it. Charli XCX posted a Tweet, mentioning names of many famous artists, including Jay Park, and teased fans by saying how cool it would be to have a mixtape featuring all of […]


Jay Park Reveals The Secret To Winning His Heart…And It’s Not Easy

Jay Park recently sat down for a photo shoot and interview with Cosmopolitan Men’s magazine. He was asked about his ideal type of woman and he revealed that the most important thing was dedication. He first explained that he doesn’t fall in love at first sight and that he has to get to know someone […]


10 Legendary K-Pop Music Videos That Were Banned By The Korean Government

While South Korea is well-known for its amazing music videos, sometimes these videos can be a little over the top and the government does not approve. From some of the most violent to the sexiest, we’ve compiled a list of music videos that have been banned from ever being broadcasted on television. 1. PSY – […]


10+ Photos Of Jay Park Shirtless To Help You Through Your Day

Jay Park‘s shirtless pictures will instantly make your day better. Jay Park is sexy. However, when he takes his shirt off, he becomes irresistible. From his muscles to his abs… His body will leave you simply breathless. 1-4. Jay shirtless for photoshoots 5-8. Jay shirtless for performing 9-12. Jay shirtless for selfies

7 idols who have unique habits only real fans will recognize

Everyone has a habit, and idols are no exception. These 7 idols have adorable habits that their fans have noticed at several of their schedules! 1.  BTS Jungkook Jungkook’s habit is drinking water out of a bottle with both his lips surrounding the entire entrance. Fans find this incredibly cute as he looks like a […]

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