Cha Tae Hyun Talks About Kim Joo Hyuk During His recent Award speech

Cha Tae Hyun’s farewell obituary to his friend Kim Joo Hyuk brought tears to everyone’s eyes at a recent award show. On November 25 at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, Cha Tae Hyun gave an emotional speech in honor of the film actors who passed away this year. “2017 will be remembered as a heartbreaking […]


Korea’s “National Mother” Sends Heart Breaking Message Commemorating Kim Joo Hyuk

Korea’s “Mother”, actress Go Doo Shim, recently revealed how heartbroken she was about Kim Joo Hyuk’s death. She had just finished shooting photos for her interview about her latest film, The Preparation. After her photoshoot was over, she said she found herself thinking about Kim Joo Hyuk. “Just recently, I found myself saying something even […]


Official Black Box Footage From Kim Joo Hyuk’s Car Released

The black box footage of Kim Joo Hyuk’s fatal accident has been revealed by the police. In the video footage, Kim Joo Hyuk’s car slowly stops in the middle of a busy road. Then, all the sudden, the car rushes into the sidewalk and heads towards an apartment building as it flips over. The National Forensic […]


Kim Joo Hyuk’s Autopsy Results Released, Cause of Accident Still Unknown

The autopsy results of Kim Joo Hyuk’s death were released by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation on November 14, 2017. Authorities had not concluded the autopsy so they could not definitely say that he had passed away due to a specific reason. Officials Say Kim Joo Hyuk Did Not Die Of Chest Pains Or […]


Jung Joon Young’s Chat Screenshots Show How Close He Was To Kim Joo Hyuk

It’s well known that Jung Joon Young and Kim Joo Hyuk, who passed away on October 30, were unlikely best friends. A screenshot of Jung Joon Young’s text with his colleague sounds a new depth of that friendship. The texts show Jung Joon Young talking about what parting gift he will give Kim Joo Hyuk […]


[★TRENDING] Kim Joo Hyuk’s Best Friend Posts Heart Breaking Letter Online

Kim Joo Hyuk’s best friend and CEO of his label uploaded a letter on Instagram and the whole nation was brought to tears. Kim Dong Shik is the CEO of Namoo Actor Entertainment who has been with Kim Joo Hyuk for almost 20 years. After finishing up the funeral ceremonies, he left a heartbreaking letter […]

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