Koreans Vote On The 10 Idols They Want To Spend Christmas With The Most

The Winter holidays are a time for spending with your family, friends, and favorite people and these are the 10 idols most fans wish they could spend the holidays with. 10. NU’EST’s JR Thanks to his gentle image and kind heart, NU’EST’s JR made the top 10 list. 9. WANNA ONE’s Jihoon WANNA ONE is […]


10+ idols who trained for less than a year before debuting

In order to debut as an idol in Korea, trainees typically go through rigorous and strict programs for years before having a chance to be on the big stage. These 11 amazing idols must have exhibited undeniable charms and talent to be exceptions to that rule! 1. EXO’s Baekhyun: 3-4 months 2. EXO’s Chen: 3-4 […]

9 Idols Who Were Called “Bad Dancers” And Proved Haters Wrong

K-Pop, as most fans already know, is not just about musical talent, you also have to be able to dance but not everyone is a natural-born dancer. These K-Pop artists had to work very hard to show that they, too, could pull off K-Pop’s complex choreography that fans are crazy about. 1. BTS’s Jin Jin […]

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