10 Female Idols Who Look Even Better Without Stage Makeup

Though stage makeup works like a cherry on top of these female idols’ performances, they are just as beautiful and full of character without it. These 10 simply glow and shine with or without makeup—with or without the stage spotlights! 1. HyunA HyunA’s makeup seems to be more of an expression of her artistic side […]


Girls Day Minah reveals she’s considering cosmetic surgery

Everyone may think Girl’s Day Minah looks gorgeous, but she’s actually considered getting cosmetic surgery many times! During Please Take Care Of My Vanity, Minah revealed that she’s always thought there was something missing in her visuals. https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/DiscreteTestyAfricanfisheagle When Lee Teuk asked if she ever thought about getting surgery, she said yes! Lee Teuk: “Have you […]


Girl’s Day Minah Shows Off Her Brand New Luxury Car

Girl’s Day’s Minah got herself a brand new ride, and it’s spanking clean, sleek, and gorgeous. Minah posted a photo of herself in a garage, standing in front of a luxurious looking car, and it looked somewhat like a making of a luxury car-related photoshoot. A post shared by @bbang_93 on Dec 4, 2017 at […]


Netizens worry that Girl’s Day might be the next group to disband

Girl’s Day’s Minah recently revealed the possible future for the Girl’s Day during an interview with BNT Magazine while discussing her upcoming solo single album, Other Way. After the photo shoot, Minah shared her plans for the future, while promoting her latest song “11 degrees”. When asked about future plans for Girl’s Day, Minah seemed […]


11 idols who went through extreme weight loss

While a lot of idols may already have a perfectly healthy weight, these idols lost so much weight through their extreme diets that their whole image transformed. Check out these 11 idols who completely changed their look with their extreme weight loss. 1. Sulli 2. Apink’s Eunji 3. Suzy 4. Girl’s Day’s Minah 5. SECRET’s […]

5 Times Female Idols Rocked A Sexy Car Wash Scene

Many female idol groups have incorporated scenes of the members at a sexy car wash, and with good reason. These 5 female idols completely rocked these scenes with their glamorous S lines. Check them out below! 1. SECRET’s Hyosung 2. Girl’s Day’s Minah 3. Tiffany 4. Soyou 5. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Source: Dispatch

Here’s who each rookie group looks up to and admires

No matter who they are, everyone has someone they look up to and admire, even idols! Here’s a look at the favorite artists of many of K-Pop’s biggest acts. 1. EXO’s Xiumin → TVXQ! 2. BTS’s Jungkook → IU 3. BTS’s Suga → Epik High’s Tablo 4. BTS’s Rap Monster → Kim Yoon Ah 5. SHINee’s Jonghyun → Wheesung 6. […]

18 Idols Who Were Seen Wearing See-Through Clothing

These idols took sexy outfits to the next level by wearing transparent clothing. Some you might expect, while others will surely surprise you.  1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon 2. Girl’s Day Minah 3. Jessica Jung 4. SISTAR Soyou 5. AOA Seolhyun 6. Girls’ Day Sojin 7. Girls’ Day Yura 8. SISTAR Dasom 9. Lee Hyori 10. […]

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