Here Are The “Mix Nine” Finalists Who Are Set To Debut

Mix Nine aired their final episode, where they revealed the top 9 members of the male and the top 9 of the female group. Top 9 – Male Group 9. Lee Byounggon (YG Entertainment) 8. Lee Donghun (Beat Entertainment) 7. Kim Minseok (WM Entertainment) 6. Song Hangyeom (Staro Entertainment) 5. Choi Hyunsuk (YG Entertainment) 4. […]


BIGBANG Seungri Gave Jessica Advice On How To Appear On Broadcasts Again

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung remained a hot topic after a rare guesting on Mix Nine.  On the day of the episode, she met YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunsuk, BIGBANG’s Seungri, Noh Hong Chul at Coridel Entertainment.  Because it was her first time back on programs,  she was immediately interrogated by a curious Seungri…  He […]

Dispatch Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s Criticisms on Mix Nine, Calls his style a nightmare

Yang Hyun Seok is facing blowback for his harsh criticisms on “Mix Nine”. Dispatch published an op-ed that questioned Yang Hyun Seok’s sincerity in trying to help idols’ careers. “His intentions are not clear, whether he’s teaching them or just showing off his power… If it is the latter, his methods are closer to a nightmare than […]


YG Uses Profanity On National TV While Harshly Criticising Trainees

Yang Hyun Seok couldn’t hold in his anger when Park Jin Young had less than stellar critiques for YG trainees. To keep things unbiased, Park Jin Young stood in as a judge for the YG trainees on JTBC’s Mix Nine. Three male trainees showcased their singing, rapping, and dancing in front of the whole cast. Yang […]


This “Mix Nine” Idol Becomes A Hot Topic For Being IU’s Doppleganger

Nam Yujin, also known by her stage name as Eyedi, is trying her luck on talent reality search, Mix Nine.  On its October 29th episode, Yang Hyun Suk was in the middle of screening talents and came across Eyedi’s audition.  She took everyone’s attention when she stated, “I wanted to be identified as an artist […]

Koreans Touched By The Sad Story Of This “Mix Nine” Trainee And Her Parents

She has the style, rapping and dancing skills more than any trainee can ask for it.  In fact, YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk and CL were more than impressed with her audition.  [ENG SUB] #정사라 Bace Camp’s Jung Sara’s audition for #믹스나인 #MIXNINE. STAN THIS QUEEN! — 팅커니 (@YABEMASAKl) October 30, 2017 It even […]

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