JYP Entertainment And Mnet To Collaborate And Form Boy Group Survival Program

The program will be completely different from JYP Entertainment’s previous girl group survival program, SIXTEEN. JYP Entertainment already has many male trainees waiting to be sorted into groups for the show. According to insiders, all male JYP trainees will compete on the show to be a part of a boy group that is guaranteed to debut. […]

Accidental Error Reveals JYP Entertainment’s New Plans For Upcoming Idol Survival Show

It was recently discovered that JYP Entertainment and Mnet are preparing a new idol survival show. This was unveiled after MBC Academy announced on their website that one of their writers had been recruited for the show. “Choi Inae (Writer) Mnet New Idol Survival (JYP) Writer 2017.07″ — MBC Academy   JYP and Mnet haven’t released any official statements […]

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