8 K-Pop Idol Couples You Wish Would Date Already

1. Joy and Sungjae This pair had incredible chemistry, making the audience swoon and wish they were secretly together. Drawn to each other eyes, and lost in it, together, voluntarily. gif: ctto#bbyu #sungjoy #sungjae #joy #btob #redvelvet #btobrv #BTOVELVET pic.twitter.com/4sru6piefJ — SJSJSJ (@kiyowo3X2) January 1, 2018 Some people are convinced they were truly in love. […]


This is how rare TWICE Japanese members’ last names are

Netizens have discovered that TWICE’s 3 Japanese members, Momo, Mina, and Sana have this in common: their last names are all rather rare! Momo’s last name, Hirai, ranks 168th in common last names, with around 125,000 people who share it. In comparison, in the U.S., the last name “Ruben” is used by approximately the same […]


Bringing Back Momo Was The Best Decision JYP Ever Made, Here’s Why

J.Y. Park made the decision to add Momo to Asia’s #1 girl group TWICE, and it might have been the best move he’s ever made.  Fans who watched TWICE‘s survival show SIXTEEN know that Momo was originally eliminated in episode six. sixteen era ? sana and mina’s reaction when momo was eliminated ??? pic.twitter.com/r7kPKbKoTj — cam (@nieIzone) November 6, […]


7 Female Idols With The Sexiest Abs In K-Pop

These 7 are the young female idols who have captivated the eyes of the public with their athletic bodies and muscular abs. 1. TWICE Momo 2. Red Velvet Seulgi 3. Gugudan Sejeong 4. TWICE Mina 5. f(x) Krystal 6. Sandara Park 7. EXID Hani


9 Female Idols Whose Beauty and Talent Cause Them To Stand Out In Their Group

Idol groups are chock-full of extremely talented, beautiful members but, even among them, there are those that stand out for their visuals and skill. While there is by no means a consensus, these 9 female idols are said to stand out in their group.  Let’s check out the 9 beautiful ladies that stand out when dancing […]


7 Photos That Prove Idol Skirts Are Only Getting Shorter

Many female idols nowadays are opting for a more sexier look in their styling, which has led to outfits becoming much more revealing and shorter. 1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon For a petite idol, Taeyeon’s dress seems to be quite short on her body as it barely goes down past her upper thigh. The design of […]


Momo Exposed Her Jaw-Dropping Abs In Recent Performance

TWICE’s Momo showed her chocolate abs and fans can’t seem to stop talking about it. Momo wore a revealing outfit during a recent performance of their new song “Likey” and fans got to see the full version of her upgraded abs. It wasn’t only Momo’s outfit that was on point, however, as her dance break […]

Fans Found Sana And Momo’s Graduation Photos And They’re Almost Unrecognizable

TWICE Sana and Momo’s heartwarming graduation photos spread online and fans were all over them in seconds. Sana’s sweet graduation picture shows her when she still had her natural hair color and sported bangs. Still, you can clearly recognize the same sweet smile she has today! Momo displayed her rounder baby face and an even wider […]

10+ Idols Whose Faces Completely Change When They Smile

Some idols are known for being cute and some idols are known for being sexy but these 11 idols can switch it up in a split-second and look cute one second and sexy or serious the next. 1. EXO’s Baekhyun 2. EXO’s Kai 3. EXID’s Hani 4. Red Velvet’s Seulgi 5. MONSTA X’s Wonho 6. […]

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