Ceci Magazine Votes On The Most Influential Korean Celebrity Of 2017

CéCi magazine has revealed their picks for 2017’s person of the year, having voted on the most influential celebrity of 2017. The list included personalities who were part of hot issues in 2017 and who received the most love this year. The number one spot was taken by president Moon Jae In, who received 45% of […]


This Is The Only Man To Ever Get Asked By Seolhyun For A Selfie With Her

Seolhyun was in Jakarta, Indonesia with AOA for a special dinner in celebration of The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics when she saw the only man she’s ever asked for a selfie. 400+ Korean citizens attended the event along with Korean President Moon Jae In and his wife Kim Jung Sook, but Seolhyun had her eyes on one […]


The President Of South Korea Was A True Visual Back In The Day

Don’t be fooled because when the South Korean president Moon Jae In was young, he was incredibly handsome. The South Korean president has been recently gaining quite a lot of attention after photos of him when he was younger surfaced on social media. While the 69-year-old president has a very mature appearance, when he was […]

Korean President Moon Jae In Just Rescued A Dog From A Meat Farm

Moon Jae In, president of South Korea, sweetly adopted a new “First Dog” from an animal shelter. The four-year-old black mongrel named Tory was rescued from a dog meat farm two years ago by an animal rights group called CARE. While running for president, Moon Jae In promised to adopt an abandoned dog if he […]

The Top 10 Celebrities Koreans Searched For In The First Half Of 2017

Google Korea released a list of the top Korean search results made in their search engine for the first half of 2017. The top 10 people searches made on Google Korea consisted of idols, actors, actresses, political figures and more! 10. Gong Yoo Gong Yoo landed in the top searches due to his explosive popularity […]

Korea’s President Wants To Ban Photos On Job Applications

Physical appearance is considered a deciding factor in whether or not someone gets hired for a job in Korea. In fact, many companies require applicants to attach their photo to their resume just to be considered for the position. This has resulted in several applicants being turned down, simply because their looks didn’t meet the company’s standards. […]

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