Netizen sickened by people getting plastic surgery on their pets

Netizens are disgusted and angry at the rising trend of plastic surgery for dogs. Source: Daum Blog Reports of pet dogs receiving plastic surgery have gone viral in Korea, sparking a mass debate about the inhumane practice. Source: Caviare More And More Dog Owners Are Getting Plastic Surgery For Their Pets Dog owners are visiting […]

[★TRENDING] The 11 Male K-Pop Idols Who Look Like Asian ROYALTY

There are many handsome male idols in the music industry who have been praised for their incredible visuals.  Netizens argued that some male idols are so handsome that they could even be mistaken for royalty. WINNER Jinwoo SEVENTEEN Vernon BTS Jin BTS Jungkook VIXX Hongbin EXO Sehun B.A.P Himchan MONSTA X Hyungwon iKON Yunhyeong EXO Suho INFINITE L Source: Instiz

Idols That Are Notorious For Destroying Everything They Touch

Ever had that one favourite celebrity who seems to be clumsy at everything? These idol group members known for their clumsiness, which is also known as, “minus hands.” Fans even jokingly say they make their stylists’ jobs extremely hard by destroying sponsored clothes extremely often.

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