9 Female Idols That Transformed Into The Sexiest Santas You’ve Ever Seen

Over the course of a year, holidays and special occasions with distinct looks are made even more exciting by K-Pop idols’ beautiful take on them. Christmas is certainly no exception as idols and Korean celebrities turn the traditional Christmas look into K-Pop-level beautiful. Check out these 9 female celebrities who have raised the bar for […]


10 Legendary K-Pop Music Videos That Were Banned By The Korean Government

While South Korea is well-known for its amazing music videos, sometimes these videos can be a little over the top and the government does not approve. From some of the most violent to the sexiest, we’ve compiled a list of music videos that have been banned from ever being broadcasted on television. 1. PSY – […]


10 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired By K-Pop Idols

It’s almost time to dress up for Halloween and here are some fun and quirky costume ideas that will satisfy your inner K-Pop geek. 1. HOT’s “Candy” The reference might be lost on many but it’s a true K-pop classic. 2. Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”The goal is to be distinguishable only by color. 3. Block […]

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