After I.O.I and Wanna One, Mnet Presents “Produce 48” Their New Idol Project Show

Mnet has revealed the concept for next year’s Produce 101, and it’s a special collaboration with AKB48! Mnet will be collaborating with AKB48’s producer Yasushi Akimoto for their new season for 2018. The new show titled Produce 48 will be combining Produce101‘s “choose your own idols” concept and AKB48’s “idols you can meet” concept. Viewers will be able to […]


Wanna One Might Be The Last Idol Group Created By Mnet’s Produce 101 

Produce 101 created successful idol groups such as I.O.I and Wanna One from their talent reality program.  But it seems like the next season is attempting to create a new format.  The third season of Produce 101 is speculated to have a new format that will not focus on idol production.  Instead, it will give […]

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I.O.I And Wanna One First Won 1st Place Exactly 1 Year Apart

It’s fate—Wanna One have won their first music show win on the anniversary of I.O.I’s first win! On August 16, Wanna One received their first win with their debut song “Energetic” on Show Champion. Amazingly, I.O.I got their first win on The Show, exactly a year ago with their song “Whatta Man”. Both groups were […]

Daniel Kang Says He Thought About Leaving Produce 101

Wanna One’s Daniel Kang and Seongwoo recently discussed their most difficult times while competing on Produce 101. Daniel said the toughest time for him in the competition was after they performed “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior. He explained that he was quite confident with the stage, but after seeing that he came in last in the […]

Produce 101 Contestant Ahn Hyung Seop Gets His Revenge on Lee Suk Hoon

Ahn Hyung Seop showed Lee Suk Hoon the wrath of his revenge in a recent episode of Taxi. Lee Suk Hoon performed the choreography to “Pick Me” with several contestants from Produce 101 season 2. After watching him dance, Ahn Hyung Seop was asked to grade him just like Lee Suk Hoon did in Produce 101. Everyone highly […]

Produce 101 Reportedly Hurting The Lives Of Korean Teenagers

Korean students are beginning to rank their friends’ physical appearances into tiers, as seen in Produce 101. One middle school in Seoul saw thirty 7th graders ranking each other based on physical appearance, grades, family background, and talent. “Your face is C-tier, your family background is B-tier.” — Korean student This ranking system was used in Produce 101, where […]

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