Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop Music Videos of 2017

YouTube is the place to check out all the new music videos for K-Pop artists. Therefore, being on the list is not only a tremendous honor but, at the same time, a good measure of seeing what people want to hear. Here are the top 10 most viewed K-Pop Music videos of 2017. 10. PSY […]


10 Legendary K-Pop Music Videos That Were Banned By The Korean Government

While South Korea is well-known for its amazing music videos, sometimes these videos can be a little over the top and the government does not approve. From some of the most violent to the sexiest, we’ve compiled a list of music videos that have been banned from ever being broadcasted on television. 1. PSY – […]


TOP 10 Artists With The Highest Digital Streaming Numbers Of 2017

With autumn in full swing and winter coming soon, a few artists have made their mark as digital powerhouses by surpassing 100 million digital streams for their songs this year. 1. IU – 373,339,151 2. Heize – 201,790,821 3. BIGBANG – 174,604,756 4. Psy – 169,508,126 5. TWICE – 157,247,270 6. Bolbbalgan4 – 150,941,076 7. […]

16 Western Celebrities You Never Knew Were Tight With K-Pop Idols

There are so many idols who have made friends in the US! 1. Wiz Khalifa and T-ARA 2. Pharrell Williams and G-Dragon 3. Paris Hilton and G-Dragon 4. Lady Gaga and Crayon Pop 5. Tom Hiddleston and Girls’ Generation Tiffany 6. Brad Pitt and Girls’ Generation Tiffany 7. Rap Monster and Wale 9. Justin Bieber and […]

10 K-Pop Songs That Almost Sounded Completely Different

Many K-Pop songs are not always written for the group that ends up performing them and the original demos or drafts of songs are sometimes shockingly different. The original demos for the songs usually come from popular English songwriters who sell them to Korean labels where they are translated. Here are a few songs that, from […]

12 Idols That Were Spotted Partying In Clubs

Spotting idols in clubs is a rare sight, but when they are spotted, it’s definitely a treat to experience. Here are just a few instances of some idols who were seen partying it up in the club! 1. Big Bang’s Seungri Seungri was seen partying at his exclusive bar Monkey Museum in Gangnam. He opened […]

PSY Reveals “Gangnam Style” Wouldn’t Have Existed Without Yang Hyun Suk

PSY revealed that he had no plans to create “Gangnam Style” before Yang Hyun Suk convinced him otherwise. He was actually planning to retire right before “Gangnam Style”. He originally signed to YG Entertainment thinking he could steadily close out his career. “I thought joining a big company like YG would be a good place for […]

PSY Reveals His Thoughts About “Gangnam Style” On Its 5th Birthday

As PSY’s iconic hit marks its 5th anniversary, Billboard sat down with PSY to discuss how the song has affected him and K-Pop’s international standing. The 2012 sensation Gangnam Style set YouTube viewing records and remains one of the all-time most viewed videos 5 years later. When asked why he thought “Gangnam Style” became such a […]

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Just Lost It’s Title Of Most Views On YouTube

“Gangnam Style” is officially no longer the most viewed video on YouTube. The title has now been claimed by Wiz Khalifa’s song “See You Again”.  “See You Again” reached nearly 3 billion views in just 2 years, while it took “Gangnam Style” nearly 4 years to get there.  “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi isn’t far behind at […]

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