10 Most Viewed K-Pop MVs of All Time

K-Pop has become a global phenomenon as of late, which translates into some major YouTube views! Who made the list of all-time highs? While some artists are expected, others may surprise you! Check out this list of K-Pop Top 10 Most successful music videos on YouTube! Did your favorite groups make the list? 10. BTS […]


Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop Music Videos of 2017

YouTube is the place to check out all the new music videos for K-Pop artists. Therefore, being on the list is not only a tremendous honor but, at the same time, a good measure of seeing what people want to hear. Here are the top 10 most viewed K-Pop Music videos of 2017. 10. PSY […]


10 Legendary K-Pop Music Videos That Were Banned By The Korean Government

While South Korea is well-known for its amazing music videos, sometimes these videos can be a little over the top and the government does not approve. From some of the most violent to the sexiest, we’ve compiled a list of music videos that have been banned from ever being broadcasted on television. 1. PSY – […]


TOP 10 Artists With The Highest Digital Streaming Numbers Of 2017

With autumn in full swing and winter coming soon, a few artists have made their mark as digital powerhouses by surpassing 100 million digital streams for their songs this year. 1. IU – 373,339,151 2. Heize – 201,790,821 3. BIGBANG – 174,604,756 4. Psy – 169,508,126 5. TWICE – 157,247,270 6. Bolbbalgan4 – 150,941,076 7. […]

16 Western Celebrities You Never Knew Were Tight With K-Pop Idols

There are so many idols who have made friends in the US! 1. Wiz Khalifa and T-ARA 2. Pharrell Williams and G-Dragon 3. Paris Hilton and G-Dragon 4. Lady Gaga and Crayon Pop 5. Tom Hiddleston and Girls’ Generation Tiffany 6. Brad Pitt and Girls’ Generation Tiffany 7. Rap Monster and Wale 9. Justin Bieber and […]

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