Controversial Photographer Rotta Shot an MV here’s What It Looks like

A Korean photographer who is accused of portraying pedophilia directed a music video, and it’s causing up a stir online. Choi Won Suk, a photographer who is best known as Rotta, is known for taking lolita-like pictures of girls. A post shared by 로타(Rotta)-사진작가- (@_rotta_) on Nov 26, 2017 at 6:32pm PST Rotta collaborated with […]

7 Idols You Never Knew Worked With Controversial “Lolita” Photographer Rotta 

Photographer Rotta received a lot of criticism for his Lolita-inspired photoshoots involving many female idols. His work has been criticized in the past for sexualizing the innocent side of his female models. Nevertheless, Rotta has continued to find high-profile work and has become more mainstream and accepted over time. 1. Sulli and Goo Hara The controversy […]

Photos From K-Pop’s Sexiest Photoshoot Resurfaced…And Fans Can’t Breathe

STELLAR might not be known as the sexiest girl group, but they definitely rank as one of the highest after this photo shoot.  The girls shot these photos for their second mini-album, Sting, but they’re still some of the sexiest photos even in 2017.  The photographer that shot these photos is the infamous Rotta, which may cause some […]

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