This is how rare TWICE Japanese members’ last names are

Netizens have discovered that TWICE’s 3 Japanese members, Momo, Mina, and Sana have this in common: their last names are all rather rare! Momo’s last name, Hirai, ranks 168th in common last names, with around 125,000 people who share it. In comparison, in the U.S., the last name “Ruben” is used by approximately the same […]


10+ Idols Who Have Completely Transformed Since Debut

These idols who debuted at a young age had the most adorable baby faces before hitting puberty and transforming into young adults! 1. BTS Jungkook Then: Now: 2. GOT7 Bambam Then: Now: 3. SHINee Taemin Then: Now: 4. VIXX Hyuk Then: Now:   5. B.A.P. Zelo Then: Now: 6. SEVENTEEN’s Dino Then: Now: 7. MONSTA […]


7 Quotes By Sana That Prove She’s A True Genius

These adorable moments from TWICE‘s Sana are hilarious and strangely brilliant. 1. She fully grasped the concept of water. 2. She really understands the idol industry. 3. Her streams always grant a bit of insight, especially when she’s around her fellow members. 4. …and she even offers safety advice! 5. Of course, there is the […]


TWICE Sana Looks Like A Real-Life Princess When She Wears Her Hair Like This

Fans believe that TWICE’s Sana is a real-life Disney princess and they have the pictures to prove it. It is no secret that Sana is one of the most beautiful idols in the K-Pop industry… … But when she puts part of her hair loosely back and lets the rest fall gently about her face, […]

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Sana Cares A LOT About Her Fans, What She Did At TWICE’s Fanmeet Is Proof

Fans fell in love with Sana all over again when she looked out for her fans at a fan meet. Sana’s facial expression drastically changed when she saw that her fan fell to the ground upon meeting her. With great concern in her eyes, she asked if he was okay. She then called for security […]

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