Sandara Park changed her appearance after G-Dragon called her “Tacky”

Sandara Park confessed the moment when she was once teased by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon about her make-up.   Sandara Park was one of the panelists for Onstyle’s program Get It Beauty 2017.   During the show, she was asked to share her personal make-up tips and decided to do a natural style makeup on herself.   She […]

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9 Female Idols Who Have Good-Looking Younger Brothers You Never Knew About

We can all agree that idols are good looking but what about their siblings? Here are a few female idols who have good-looking younger brothers. 1. EXID’s Hani Ahn Tae Hwan Hani’s younger brother is Ahn Tae Hwan. He has previously been featured in a music video and his debut as an actor is upcoming. […]


17 Idols’ YouTube Channels You Need To Be Following Right Now

1. Henry Prince Mak The former member of JJCC keeps fans updated with goofy videos on his Youtube channel, like this video of him & GOT7’s Jackson doing a K-POP quiz. 2. G-FRIEND Yuju G-FRIEND is known for their impressive, powerful choreography and upbeat songs. Through Yuju’s Youtube channel you can see another side of […]


8 K-Pop Idol Couples You Wish Would Date Already

1. Joy and Sungjae This pair had incredible chemistry, making the audience swoon and wish they were secretly together. Drawn to each other eyes, and lost in it, together, voluntarily. gif: ctto#bbyu #sungjoy #sungjae #joy #btob #redvelvet #btobrv #BTOVELVET — SJSJSJ (@kiyowo3X2) January 1, 2018 Some people are convinced they were truly in love. […]


Sandara Park Reveals She’s Stressed Because She Can’t Get Any Fatter

Dara revealed that while her peers are trying to lose weight, she wants to gain a few pounds to appear more healthy. CL previously mentioned that since Dara used to weigh only 39 kg (~86 lbs), that all the 2NE1 members constantly had to be on a diet to appear even remotely close to Dara’s […]


9 Of Sandara Park’s Most Earth-Shattering Hairstyles

Sandara Park and her exotic, unconventional hairstyles. You can’t be a fan of 2NE1 without at some point falling in love with Dara’s  approach stylin. We bring you 10 signature hairstyles of this diva that you might even try out. 1. The Leaning Tower of Dara Some fans think this hairstyle resembles a caterpillar, but we […]

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