Seungri Catches MIXNINE Trainees Lip-syncing During Auditions

BIGBANG’s Seungri caught trainees lipsyncing while auditioning for the talent reality program, MIXNINE… and he wasn’t happy. Seungri joined Yang Hyun Suk to judge trainees from IME Korea.  He spotted something rather odd, however, while they were performing their song and dance numbers; he noticed they were lipsyncing!  He asked, “Are your friends recording these […]


BIGBANG Seungri Gave Jessica Advice On How To Appear On Broadcasts Again

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica Jung remained a hot topic after a rare guesting on Mix Nine.  On the day of the episode, she met YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyunsuk, BIGBANG’s Seungri, Noh Hong Chul at Coridel Entertainment.  Because it was her first time back on programs,  she was immediately interrogated by a curious Seungri…  He […]

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