Here’s what the members of SISTAR have been doing since they disbanded

Since SISTAR disbanded in June of 2017,  each member has been focusing on their own individual projects. Hyolin recently announced the establishment of her own label, Bridge, which will help her to launch her career in overseas to make her a superstar. [News] 171113 #Hyolyn officially announced the establishment of his company's "BRIDGE" on the […]


8 Songs That Launched The Careers of Korea’s Top Female K-Pop Groups

Although there are many popular girl groups in the K-Pop industry, not all of them started that way. Sometimes it takes one hit song to help make it big, and that was definitely true for these groups! 1. Girl’s Generation – “Gee” “Gee” is one of Girl’s Generation’s most popular and iconic songs. It’s the […]

Korean restaurant owner reveals hilarious dining habits of 10 idol groups

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to dine with your favorite idols? Well, the owner of a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul that is popular among idol groups has revealed the dining habits of 10 of them… And the descriptions are hysterical. Here’s what the owner had to say: 1. SHINee “Loud kids.” 2. Super […]

18 Idols Who Were Seen Wearing See-Through Clothing

These idols took sexy outfits to the next level by wearing transparent clothing. Some you might expect, while others will surely surprise you.  1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon 2. Girl’s Day Minah 3. Jessica Jung 4. SISTAR Soyou 5. AOA Seolhyun 6. Girls’ Day Sojin 7. Girls’ Day Yura 8. SISTAR Dasom 9. Lee Hyori 10. […]

SISTAR recently reunited since disbanding and it’s so sweet we might cry

Despite their disbandment, SISTAR proved that they’re still close after posting pictures together on their social media accounts. Hyorin posted photos of herself hanging out with the other members, showing that they’re still good friends! A post shared by Hyo Lyn (@xhyolynx) on Sep 11, 2017 at 8:31am PDT It was clear that they still […]

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