10 Legendary K-Pop Music Videos That Were Banned By The Korean Government

While South Korea is well-known for its amazing music videos, sometimes these videos can be a little over the top and the government does not approve. From some of the most violent to the sexiest, we’ve compiled a list of music videos that have been banned from ever being broadcasted on television. 1. PSY – […]


7 Idols You Never Knew Worked With Controversial “Lolita” Photographer Rotta 

Photographer Rotta received a lot of criticism for his Lolita-inspired photoshoots involving many female idols. His work has been criticized in the past for sexualizing the innocent side of his female models. Nevertheless, Rotta has continued to find high-profile work and has become more mainstream and accepted over time. 1. Sulli and Goo Hara The controversy […]

Photos From K-Pop’s Sexiest Photoshoot Resurfaced…And Fans Can’t Breathe

STELLAR might not be known as the sexiest girl group, but they definitely rank as one of the highest after this photo shoot.  The girls shot these photos for their second mini-album, Sting, but they’re still some of the sexiest photos even in 2017.  The photographer that shot these photos is the infamous Rotta, which may cause some […]

Here Are The Average Ages Of Every Girl Group In 2017

As trainees debut at younger and younger ages, the average age of girl groups get’s lower as well, and this list definitely proves that! Girls’ Generation – 28.6 9MUSES – 27.4 Girl’s Day – 26.7 Dal Shabet – 26.5 EXID – 26 AOA – 25.1 STELLAR – 25 Hello Venus – 24.8 MAMAMOO – 24.7 […]

Stellar Didn’t Know They Were Getting A New Member

The current Stellar members had interesting reactions after their company announced that they would be adding a new member. It was confirmed on August 23rd that members Gayoung and Jeonyul didn’t resign their contracts and would be leaving the group on August 31st. Just a few days before Stellar’s 6th Anniversary Special Concert, Stellar’s official Twitter […]

This MC is going viral for terrifying idols with his deafening voice

A program host is getting viral responses online for his interesting way of introducing idol group members and artists on his program.  Recently, a video has gained online fame after it released the full version of “How To Introduce K-Pop Idols” on Youtube. The host, Play J, was found uniquely introducing the artist on his […]

The Top 10 Most Popular Girl Groups of July

Apink, MAMAMOO, and TWICE have ranked in the top 3 most popular girl groups for the month of July. The Korea Reputation Center analyzed big data from June 6 to July 7 to calculate the brand reputation of the most popular girl groups of July. The results were obtained by analyzing the groups’ participation in […]

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