This Is What These 10 Female Idols Would Look Like If They Were Born As Men

K-Pop idols are known for their gorgeous visuals. As a female idol, pale skin, straight nose, and big eyes are some of the beautiful features that these idols possess. Just for fun, this is what they would look like if they were born male. These fun images were created by using the mobile application FaceApp. […]


Modern Day K-Pop’s Diva, Sunmi, Is Collaborating With This Legendary Veteran Diva

Sunmi just announced her plans to collaborate with the legendary Korean diva of all times, Uhm Jung Hwa! The special collaboration stage will take place on SBS’s Gayo Daejeon, the year-end festival to celebrate all the K-Pop sensations this year. Uhm Jung Hwa is a legendary diva, who debuted in 1993, and has […]


Sunmi Drinks A Few Shots Of Soju, And Goes Completely Out Of Control

Sunmi showed everyone that she was the life of any party at a recent night out. She and a group of industry staff gathered together for a night full of drinks, games, and fun in celebration of her new release, “Gashina”. The highlights of the night were uploaded on YouTube, which showed Sunmi’s adorable transformation […]

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