The Unit Contestants Discover They Used To Date The Same Girl

One lucky(?) girl was dating two male idol members at the same time until she got caught. BIGSTAR’s Sunghak confessed on KBS’s The Unit that he and H.B.Y’s Marco once dated the same girl at the same time. Knowing that he and Marco were from the same town, Sunghak called his hometown friend to find […]


This Idols Is Being Called An Angel For What He Did On “The Unit”

MADTOWN’s Daewon is truly conveying the true meaning of the show on KBS’s The Unit, by showing his leadership and sharing enthusiasm with his unit members and carrying them to a success. Although five members of the band MAS had no prior dance training and no one wanted to team up with them, Daewon stepped […]


MIXNINE And The Unit Are Almost The Same Show… Except For This Important Difference

The Unit and MIXNINE are two of the most talked about Korean programs among K-Pop fans right now, but viewers have mixed feelings about their differences. Both shows have a similar format and premise as their goal is to give second chance at a stardom for already debuted but not-so-famous K-Pop idols. “Our program’s aim is […]


This Is The Rookie Idol Group To Watch Out For On “The Unit”

A rookie idol group on KBS’s The Unit is creating a lot of buzz for their outstanding audition for the show. Boygroup IM just debuted this year but they showed zero nerves when they performed SEVENTEEN’s “Very Nice” on the stage. Their outstanding vocals and immaculate choreography earned them the “super boost”, impressing both the judges […]

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