K-Pop Idols All Voted For Who The Most Handsome Male Idol Is, Here’s The Results:

5. WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo & SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo (Left) and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan (Right) are tied at 5th place, with 3 votes! 4. NU’EST’s Ren Ren, also known by his actual name Choi Min Ki, comes in 4th with 4 votes! 3. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon SEVENTEEN’s Vernon wins third place, with a total […]


20+ Photos Of The Sexiest Archers From The 2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships

1. TWICE Dahyun, Nayeon, Tzuyu 2. Oh My Girl Binnie, YooA, Hyojung 3. Lovelyz Jisoo, Baby Soul, Jiae 4. Gugudan Mina 5. Gugudan Hyeyeon, Sejeong 6. GFRIEND Eunha 7. GFRIEND Umji 8. Red Velvet Yeri 9. Red Velvet Irene 10. Red Velvet Seulgi 11. SEVENTEEN Vernon 12. VIXX Hyuk 13. VIXX Ken 14. NU’EST W […]

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The Top 3 Male Visuals Of K-Pop’s New Generation

In every era of K-Pop, there are idols who win the hearts of millions of fans with their dreamy charm and spectacular visuals. Their smiles, their eyes, beautiful lips, everything is just perfect, that it is visually satisfying to just look at. These three idols are considered by most to be the top 3 visuals in […]


If These Idols Hadn’t Become Celebrities This Is What They Might Be Doing

It’s hard to see your idols as anything but an idol, what if they had chosen a different path? Fans tried to match their favorite idols with the perfect occupation for them.. if they weren’t involved in K-Pop! Here’s what they came up with! 1. Wonbin – Statue 2. Yang Hongwon (Young B) – Delivery […]


8 Idols Whose Unique Names Caught The Attention Of Fans

It’s common for idols to use a stage name to make an impression or to be more memorable. These 8 idols, however, used their actual names, catching the attention of their fans! 1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie – Kim Jennie 2. WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel 3. Cosmic Girls’ Luda – Lee Luda 4. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon – Hansol Vernon […]

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6 K-Pop Idols Who Are Not 100% Korean, They are mixed

A few years ago it was very scarce that you would see an idol that was half Korean but as the industry becomes more globalized, these diverse idols are becoming more and more popular. 1. I.O.I’s Somi Somi‘s mixed heritage reaches across the globe.  Her Dutch-Canadian father and South Korean mother emigrated to South Korea […]

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