YG and SM Are So Different Even Their Mascots Are Polar Opposites

Both SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment have their own cute bear mascots. SM Entertainment has a mascot called SMile, a cute pink blob of a bear. SMile is a little clumsy, very cute, and bright pink. Like the name implies, SMile is always smiling and happy to be a part of something! SMile represents how […]


Past Interview of YG Surfaces After Announcement of New 2018 Girl Group Plans

YG Entertainment did not reveal concrete details regarding the project but they did confirm their plans for a new group in 2018. “We’re expecting to launch a new girl group in 2018. Yang Hyun Suk is producing this in top secret, so nothing about their plans or concept has been revealed.” — YG Entertainment Representative YG Reveals […]


YG Reveals Plans To Debut A New Girl Group In 2018, BLACKPINK fans furious

YG Entertainment officially announced its top-secret plans to debut a new girl group and BLINKs are furious. Although YG Entertainment has not specified any details, they are expecting the group to debut in 2018. “We’re expecting to launch a new girl group in 2018. Yang Hyun Seok is producing this in top secret, so nothing about […]

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YG Entertainment follows up on their denial that G-Dragon and Jooyeon are dating

YG Entertainment released an update statement in response to claims that G-Dragon is dating former After School member Jooyeon. Netizens concluded that the two are dating after a series of social media posts. YG Entertainment initially stated that they cannot confirm or deny it. “We won’t comment on his private life.” — YG Entertainment But […]

Here Are The Specific Types Of Visuals That Each Entertainment Company Looks For

According to Koreans, these popular entertainment agencies have a certain visual standard for their idols and those visual standards are especially borne out by 2 idols from each company. Check out this list of each agency’s visual preferences when it comes to their idols. 1. S.M. Entertainment: Unrealistic visuals S.M. Entertainment’s idols like Red Velvet’s […]


YG Entertainment and Naver join hands to make the Korean “Spotify/iTunes”

YG Entertainment and Naver have announced their plans to launch a new global music service platform. “By merging Naver’s technology expertise and YG’s strengths in entertainment, we plan to build a strong foundation for creating a competitive global music platform.” — Park Sun Young, Naver’s V&Enter cell leader Naver and YG’s affiliate company, YG Plus, […]

Popular K-Dramas You Never Knew Were Produced By YG, JYP, and FNC

You’ll recognise the names of K-Pop labels for giving you your favorite K-Pop groups, but did you know that they work on other projects like dramas sometimes? Here’s three from some of the biggest labels out there. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (YG Entertainment) Despite the fact that it had EXO‘s Baekhyun and IU on the cast, this fantastical period drama […]

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