YG Will Personally Be Debuting A New Girl Group Soon

Following the announcement that YG will be debuting a new boy group next year led by Bang Ye Dam, the agency announced that a new girl group will be following soon. The not yet named new girl group is predicted to debut simultaneously with the boy group, which would be a first in YG’s history. […]


Dispatch Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s Criticisms on Mix Nine, Calls his style a nightmare

Yang Hyun Seok is facing blowback for his harsh criticisms on “Mix Nine”. Dispatch published an op-ed that questioned Yang Hyun Seok’s sincerity in trying to help idols’ careers. “His intentions are not clear, whether he’s teaching them or just showing off his power… If it is the latter, his methods are closer to a nightmare than […]


YG Uses Profanity On National TV While Harshly Criticising Trainees

Yang Hyun Seok couldn’t hold in his anger when Park Jin Young had less than stellar critiques for YG trainees. To keep things unbiased, Park Jin Young stood in as a judge for the YG trainees on JTBC’s Mix Nine. Three male trainees showcased their singing, rapping, and dancing in front of the whole cast. Yang […]


YG Didn’t Believe This Group Would Succeed… They Totally Proved Him Wrong

Yang Hyun Seok had low expectation for this Epik High’s comeback, but they have proven their boss wrong with their new album. Epik High’s latest album, “We’ve Done Something Wonderful”, has been sweeping through every chart since its release. It’s been so popular that both of its title tracks have been cemented into the #1 […]

Popular K-Dramas You Never Knew Were Produced By YG, JYP, and FNC

You’ll recognise the names of K-Pop labels for giving you your favorite K-Pop groups, but did you know that they work on other projects like dramas sometimes? Here’s three from some of the biggest labels out there. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (YG Entertainment) Despite the fact that it had EXO‘s Baekhyun and IU on the cast, this fantastical period drama […]

These Are The Qualities JYP And YG Look For In Their Auditions

Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Seok revealed the key qualities that will help you become the next JYP/YG idol! Thousands of Idol-hopefuls audition to YG and JYP, with hopes of becoming the next K-Pop star. And the top heads of the entertainment-giants have revealed what they look for during auditions. Park Jin Young looks […]

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