[★VIDEO] Michael Bublé has never fallen in love with a man until Seoul

On February 6th, Michael Bublé invited a fan who had caught his eye dancing during the concert to come on stage, meet the singer, and dance in front of the entire crowd!

Michael Bublé starts the video saying, “I usually go on with something else in this position but I do not feel that I can continue, because tonight I’ve seen something… And in 174 shows and 33 countries, I have never fallen in love with a man before. But I can’t stop myself because there’s a dude dancing over there….That was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!

The singer then proceeds to bring up the house lights and invite the fan on stage! The ecstatic fan immediately ran toward Michael Bublé and enveloped him in a koala hug saying “Ah! Michael!!” to which the singer replies, “I love you so much.” Although overwhelmed by the unbelievable encounter, the fan only dwells on it for a moment before he and Bublé are dancing on stage while Bublé improvises and sings with the band.

After the special performance, the fan leaves the stage with just as much gusto as he started with and Bublé asks for his name. The super fan was later revealed to be an aspiring Jazz artist by the name of Kim Ji Kwang. 

Michael Bublé posted the video from the concert onto his official Youtube account later that night and many of his fans from Korea and worldwide have left positive comments about both Bublé’s awesome fan interaction as well as the fan’s fascinating dancing style!

Check out the thrilling fan moment! Since the video was posted, Kim has replied in the comments expressing his overwhelming thoughts about the moment, saying he was “full of adrenaline after one of the best times of my life !!!” and continued, “I Wish for happiness always !!” for Michael Bublé.