Crush takes #1 + Performances for the January 27th episode of MBC Show Champion

For the January 27th episode of Show Champion, singer Crush took a trophy home for his hit song, “Don’t Forget” featuring Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon.

Though he was not set to perform, Crush made a special appearance on the show to accept his trophy and relay his thank personally to those who have supported him.

Other performers for the night included Shin Hye Sung, G-Friend, Kim Won Joon, Dalshabet, Stellar, Cross Gene, LABOUM, HALO, The Legend, IMFACT, CoCoSoRi, Baby Boo, Nop.K, IN&CHOO, Anda, and Han Young.

Shin Hye Sung – Roco Love

G-Friend – Trust + Rough


Nop.K – Climax ft. Hoon.J

Dalshabet – Someone Like U

Baby boo – 12 o’clock

Stellar – Sting

Anda – Taxi

IN&CHOO – Snapback

IMFACT – Troublemaker + Lollipop

The Legend – Crush On You

CoCoSoRi – Dark Circle

Cross Gene – Hey You, Noona

Han Young – Mirror

HALO – Feel So Good