Cosmic Girls drops teaser for second track, “Catch Me”

After sharing teasers for their debut title track “Mo Mo Mo,” a third video teaser was published on February 24th with Cosmic Girls teasing their sub title song “Catch Me.”

Sharing glances into their powerful choreography for “Catch Me,” viewers are questioned as a text asking “Who Are You?” appears. The video continues to say, “We are Cosmic Girls” and “Would you like?”.

On Starship Entertainment‘s SNS, the agency writes, “Cosmic Girls 12-members powerful and colorful choreography! Sub-song ‘Catch Me’ teaser released! Catchme 2016XXXX.”

While “Mo Mo Mo” shared Cosmic Girls’ lovely and innocent charms, “Catch Me” portrayed their powerful and charismatic performance.

Their debut album will be released on February 25th.

Source: OSEN