Behind the story of Jung Yonghwa’s first solo album “One Fine Day” album jacket

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has been busy preparing for his upcoming first solo album One Fine Day. This album will include a total of 10 tracks, eight of which were arranged by Jung Yonghwa himself. A highlight medley for One Fine Day has already been released along with a music video teaser for the track “One Fine Day.”

FNC Entertainment plans to show two completely different sides of Yonghwa through One Fine Day, that hopes to be well-accepted and loved by fans.

The first concept is a white, emotional, and romantic side of Yonghwa. There are three key points for this light concept, and the first key point is to include a white shirt. White shirts are said to be a part of every “female’s romance” as it comes off as sweet, but it is also sheer enough to expose some skin.

The second key point is to wear a “soft and smooth knit” top, because this will give Yonghwa the “wannabe boyfriend appearance.” The last key point is to consistently have the “magazine pictorial himself” look. This means that wherever Yonghwa casually stands or poses, the background and props around him looks like part of a pictorial set.

The second concept is a black, dark, sexy side of Yonghwa. The dark and mysterious concept also has three key points. The first is key point is the “bitter sorrow of parting” with a lover. Yonghwa put much effort and time to practice the sorrowful look, that he even had difficulty coming out of character after filming.

The second key point is the “drenched” appearance. Although there are no tears in the photos, the producers wanted the drenched hair and moist eyes to share the feelings of pain. The final key point is Yonghwa’s version of the smokey eye makeup. The combination of the light smokey makeup and colorful jacket is hoped to show viewers a sexy side of Yonghwa.

Yonghwa and the staff members took hundreds of photos to make sure that they were able to capture the perfect shot and if photos are not enough, FNC Entertainment even provided a video of Yonghwa on the set!

Source: Naver Starcast