BIGBANG reveals concert performances of “BAE BAE” and “LOSER” at “2015 Made In Seoul”

After making a strong comeback with their songs “BAE BAE” and “LOSER”, BIGBANG released live performances of the tracks from their concert 2015 Made In Seoul

On May 16th, BIGBANG shared with fans videos of their performance to their comeback tracks, “BAE BAE” and “LOSER,” first unveiled at their 2015 Made In Seoul concert.

At the beginning of their “BAE BAE” stage, a sea full of fans are seen filling up the stadium, and ecstatically cheering once the music begins. One by one throughout the performance, each member was seen coming out for their respective parts before all joining the stage together, and dancing with the assistance of their female back-up dancers.

Carrying out their stage for “LOSER” on a rotating platform, the boys were seen performing their song passionately before stepping off towards the end. As the song came to a close they all gathered back into the center together while the lights faded out.

Since their comeback, BIGBANG has managed to achieve all-kills on music charts with both songs, and has been on a #1 streak on music charts with “LOSER” for 16 days. Not only that, but they have also won 1st place on music shows such as M! CountdownMusic Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo.