CBR Cleopatra continues his reigning streak on “King of Masked Singer” for the fourth week

With another episode aired and passed, the “King” of the masked singers and competitors remains to be male singer known as “CBR Cleopatra” for the fourth week.

As on July 5th, no other contestants has yet and failed to take CBR Cleopatra’s title, whom many viewers are very certain to be artist Kim Yeon Woo, a singer who is well-known for his ballad songs and smooth singing vocals.

On the latest episode, he took on the track “The More I Love,” making many fall for him and earning him the edge to become the 7th masked king, keeping him at the top for the fourth consecutive week with a total of four wins.

f(x)‘s Luna was known as “Gold Lacquer” on the show and maintained on the show under her hidden persona for six weeks, holding two total wins as masked king.

The same episode also featured the elimination and revealed contestant “Romantic Assassin” as SPICA‘s Boa and vocalist Jungin as “Leave Work On Time.”

Source: TV Report