Eluphant releases “SimSim” MV ft. SISTAR’s Soyou

On July 8th, hip hop group Eluphant made a comeback with “SimSim” featuring SISTAR’s Soyou off their newest album Man On The Moon.

“SimSim” is the title track off their latest album, ending their musical hiatus of three years following their two albums APOLLO and Man On The Earth.

Featuring the soft vocas of Soyou, the track uses a laidback rhythm to go along with its story-like lyrics. While the raps of members Kebee and Minos appear to be an earnest plea to a girl, Soyou’s lines illustrate the girl’s conflicting emotions about the relationship.

Ahead of the album release, the duo held a special preview session for their fans, discussed the meaning behind their tracks, and performed their title track live.

Other tracks on the album include “Crater” and “Lighthouse” featuring Kim Tae Woo, successfully displaying Eluphant’s funky new music.