FIESTAR drops chilly MV teaser for “You’re Pitiful”

FIESTAR has released a music video teaser for their title track “You’re Pitiful” following the published concept photos for the group’s 1st mini-album release, Black Label.

With Jei as the female lead of the music video’s storyline, she glides carefully on a wooden board wearing gray tights and a loose black shirt. Baek Sung Hoon takes the role of male lead, appearing somewhat of a wreck most likely after the loss of his onscreen romantic interest.

Dance scenes with the remaining FIESTAR members flash by, and fans are given a slight glimpse into the choreography.

Black Label will be released on March 3rd, and they will be starting their comeback promotions with the title track “You’re Pitiful.” The song was previously performed to lucky fans during a recent impromptu concert in Seoul.