Lovelyz releases preview for “Lovelyz Diary” Season 2

Along with their comeback, Lovelyz is also back with a second season for their YouTube series Lovelyz Diary!

The short 47-seconds preview video showed the girls having comfortable chatting sessions in their practice room, venturing out to the streets and interacting with passers-by, surveying the public’s opinions on popular rookie girl groups.

While Jisoo, who is not participating in the current promotions as well, was not featured in the teaser video for Lovelyz Diary, netizens have commented on the video that they are still anticipating Jisoo’s appearance.

Having debuted freshly in November last year, Lovelyz is already back on stage with a repackaged album, as they are scheduled to promote as seven members on music shows with title track “Hi.” The music video for “Hi” was released on March 3rd as a follow-up to their debut song “Candy Jelly Love.”

Lovelyz Diary Season 2 will premiere via Naver Starcast on March 6th and air weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays.