[★VIDEO] Queen B’z comeback single “Bbi Bbi” produced by Kim Suk Min

The rookie girl group Queen B’z is returning to stage with a brand new color with their 2nd single “Bbi Bbi,” revealing a music video teaser ahead of their comeback.

On November 7th, Queen B’z released a teaser video of their new single “Bbi Bbi” signaling their comeback. “Bbi Bbi” is motivated by  Pippi Longstocking, a children’s book character famous for her red hair and freckles. Through their choreography and song, they portray the tomboy mind of Pippi.

What is more surprising is the fact that legendary group Duke‘s former member Kim Suk Min has produced the album for Queen B’z.

On the music video, it is reported that the comedy duo Zoltan‘s Lee Jae Hyung and Han Hyun Min will also be appearing as cameo.

The 2nd single of Queen B’z is going to be released on November 18th through various music sites.

Check out their teaser video below:

Source: BNT News