NS Yoon-G responds to accusations of faking her academic background

A netizen has recently taken to Twitter to accuse NS Yoon-G of forging her academic credentials.

Via Twitter, a netizen left a comment on NS Yoon-G’s account accusing her of lying about her academic background. NS Yoon-G is known to have attended UCLA before debuting as an artist.

The accusing netizen commented:

@ns_yoonji In order for all your hard work to not become ashes. I hope you list the correct academic background (on your profile). So that you won’t have to regret anything in the future

ns yoong

NS Yoon-G responded to the accuser stating:

“I have never lied about my academic background. Like it says on the profile, I have attended University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) before coming out to Korea to debut as an artist. Don’t leave these kind of comments.”

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the top schools in the U.S. ranking within the top 20.

NS Yoon-G will continue to promote her new digital single “Honey Summer” throughout July.

[ +166 / -4] I hope these netizens stop this nonsense of poking at celebrities..

[ +61 / -6 ] Tablo back then, and now NS Yoon-G too? haha do you not know how much trouble those people got into by the law after messing with Tablo? I mean they didn’t even show off their academic background but why are you guys still messing with them. People with nothing better to do haha

[ +56 / -11 ] I mean she didn’t even show off her academic background unlike Tablo but why are they even causing problems?

Source: TV Report