Hoya Reveals He Felt Like A Puppet During INFINITE

Singer and actor Lee Ho Won, formerly known as Hoya from INFINITE, recently made a comment about his previous group activities that is catching some attention. Following his departure from INFINITE, Hoya flew to the United States to travel and study and, according to him, it was quite a learning experience. It appears his time […]


WANNA ONE Member Reveals Kang Daniel’s True Personality Is Different From What Fans See

WANNA ONE’s Bae Jinyoung talked about Kang Daniel’s true personality, which is different from what fans see on screen or in person. Bae Jinyoung was asked to analyze his group member Kang Daniel and revealed Kang Daniel is really childish, as he laughs at anything. “Kang Daniel looks really reliable but he’s actually Kang-choding (childish). […]


Scottish Fan Sends A Kiss To BTS Jin… and He Sent A Kiss Back To Her

One devoted Scottish fan moved from Scotland to South Korea to be closer to BTS, and now her dedication has paid off… with Jin’s kiss! During an interview with Adele Roberts from BBC Radio1 that was recently aired in the UK, BTS was introduced to a die-hard fan who moved from Scottland to Seoul to […]


Here’s How Much Money YG Producer Teddy Makes, For Writing Songs For Idols

Ever wonder how much you could earn in royalties if you wrote hit songs like Sunmi’s “Gashina” and BLACKPINK’s “Playing with Fire”? Well, we have the answer right here for you. According to tvN’s The List, Teddy reportedly earned around ₩950 million KRW (~ $850 000 USD) through his song copyright royalties. Teddy is one of […]


Fans Angry At Stylists For Making Irene Uncomfortable With Revealing Outfits

Ever since a malicious internet user posted a GIF of Irene’s undergarments being exposed while performing, Irene has constantly been spotted covering herself or pulling down her skirt during performances. Irene has been seen visibly uncomfortable many times while performing in these revealing outfits, yet stylists continue to dress her in them. She did acknowledge […]

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