Seungri’s Scandal: Here’s Everything We Know So Far


Sasaeng Fan Repeatedly Gropes Male Rapper’s Butt During His Performance

She repeatedly groped him while he was performing on stage.

BTS’s Map Of The Soul: Persona Has Over 1 Million More Pre-Orders Than LY: Answer

BTS’s growth is truly staggering.

8 Male Idols Who Win Fans Over With Their Fairy-Like Charms

Fans think these are the true fairies of K-Pop:

SEVENTEEN Members Flood Woozi’s Instagram With Comments Of Protest

They wanted their feelings known to Woozi.

JYP Employee Caught Publicly Slamming YG On Instagram…Netizens Can’t Believe What He Said

Some believe he crossed the line.

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Netizens Are Losing Their Minds After Seeing What This “Mix Nine” Contestant Looks Like Now

Netizens can’t get over how different he looks:

6 Celebrities Who Left “2 Days & 1 Night” Due to Controversies

“2 Days & 1 Night” is currently faced with the process of discontinuing the show.

BLINKs Prove Picking A Single Style For Jennie Is Impossible

They tried picking Jennie’s best hairstyle and it was a lot harder than they thought:

Suho Revealed What EXO Mean To Him And Now Everyone’s Crying Real Tears

You’re definitely going to want to grab the tissues:

One Of Korea’s Hottest Actors So Ji Sub, Says He’s Ready To Get Married

“Of course, if I do get married, I want to become a husband that puts my wife before my children.”

BTS V Reveals How He Overcame A Bully That Used To Make Him Cry

Here’s how he overcame his bully

Woman Who Brutally Sawed A Person In Half Became Thailand’s Sweetheart Overnight

She received attention for all of the wrong reasons.

8 Children That Will Make You Believe In Reincarnation

These kids are practically twins with your favorite idols!

Here Are The Religious Beliefs Of Each BTS Member

Although they may not all have a religion, that doesn’t mean they don’t have faith.

Even ITZY Are Excited To Find Out The Official Fandom Name

ITZY have a few favorite fandom names already:

SBS Reveals What Seungri Said in Response to Report of Another Celebrity’s DUI

“Why couldn’t they just prevent the coverage?”

Police Reportedly Set To Begin Investigations About Yang Hyun Suk, YG Responds

YG replied quickly.

2NE1 Minzy’s Past Interview Resurfaces in Light of Recent Events Surrounding YG

She shared that Yang Hyun Suk called her “really ugly” on multiple occasions.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Stuns Fans with a Sexy See-Through Dress

Her outfits are absolutely blinding.

EXO Became A Source Of Strength For This Fan Whose Dream Came True When She Met Them

This survivor got her strength through EXO.

Seungri Officially Requests To Postpone Military Enlistment

He has officially applied for postponement.

President Moon Jae In Addresses Jang Ja Yeon and Burning Sun Cases

President Moon Jae In addressed the recent scandals in Korea.

SBS Exposes Choi Jonghoon and FNC’s Lies About His Connections With The Police Chief

SBS exposed them.

BLACKPINK Saved YG Entertainment With A Single Announcement

The power of BLACKPINK!

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