WayV’s WinWin Spotted With Two Alleged Friends For Late Night Dinner

Reporters spotted him outside with two friends.

Story Of A Stranger Who Left A Nike Gift For Sewol Ferry Victim Is Breaking The Hearts Of The Nation

They left it for the victim and the victim’s mother.

17 Times That BTS’s V Proved He’s Absolutely Boyfriend Material

17 really just scratches the surface.

These Are The Least To Most Even Line Distributions Of The 15 Most-Watched K-Pop Girl Group Debuts

There’s a huge difference between #15 and #1!

Looking At The Least To Most Even Line Distributions Of The 15 Most-Watched K-Pop Boy Group Debuts

Some of these might come as a surprise!

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iKON Take Fans On Tour Of YG’s New Building, And It Is Very Detailed

They don’t leave anything out!

Stray Kids’ Felix Brainstormed With Fans For His Next Hair Color —Here Are The Colors He Liked

“If you have a color you want me to try, I’ll do it.”

Jessi Falls Head Over Heels For Kang Daniel And His “Puppyish” Visuals

“But Daniel kinda looks like a pup.”

These 5 Male Idols Born In 1997 Are Getting Recognized For Their Superior Visuals

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The #1 Reason BLACKPINK Is “Matchless” Among Girl Groups — According To K-Pop Agency Directors

One specific thing about their success sets them apart.

BLACK HOLE Entertainment Releases Statement Announcing BLACK6IX’s Disbandment

The group is disbanding after four years.

Here Are The 9 Best Group Reactions To ATEEZ’s “Kingdom” Performance

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GOT7’s Mark Reacted To BamBam’s “WAP” Dance— And Tried To Do It Too

Both made a solid attempt. 😂

Song Joong Ki Helped Fellow “Vincenzo” Actor Get Home After Drinking Too Much…At Their First Meeting

Can he get any more perfect? 😍

4 Junior K-Pop Idols Who Bumped Into BTS And Had Relatable Reactions

Number 3’s mind went blank!

Text Messages Released By Prosecution Proves That Jung In’s Parents Purposely Starved The 16-Month-Old 

They neglected her until the very end.

BTS Stars In New Lotte Chilsung’s Kloud Beer Commercial

A perfect collab!

16 Hilarious ATEEZ Memes To Make Your Day So Much Better

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“Show Me The Money” Rapper Owen Ovadoz Under Fire For Making Sexual Comment About ITZY’s Ryujin

This has happened to him before.

BTS Releases Dynamite Temporary Tattoo Collection With Inkbox

It comes with limited edition prints and more!

BTS’ “Dynamite” Breaks Two More Guinness World Records

BTS have now broken 20 different Guinness World Records!

Producers Of The Upcoming KBS K-Drama “Imitation” Praises ATEEZ’s Yunho For His Great Work Ethic

Are you guys excited?!

Key Reveals How He Got SHINee’s Legendary Song “View” To Use Jonghyun’s Lyrics

The lyrics were not originally written by Jonghyun.

Jessi Can’t Help But Fangirl Over Kang Daniel’s Several Charming Points

“Kang Daniel is really dazzling.”