Math And Stats Specialists Comment On The Possibility That Mnet Rigged The Final Votes On “PRODUCE X 101”


These 6 K-Pop Groups Are Nominated For A New 2019 VMAs Award

They are all up for “Best K-Pop”.

GOT7’s Mark And JB Fell Right Into BamBam And Youngjae’s Sneaky Plan To Avoid Dinner Duty

JB and Mark didn’t know what hit them:

BTS Receives 4 Nominations For MTV’s “2019 Video Music Awards” (VMAs)

BTS are up for 4 awards, including a brand new one.

Song Hye Kyo’s Words Were Twisted By Korean Media So The Original Interviewer Set The Record Straight

The Korean press allegedly twisted her words to ruin her image.

MONSTA X And French Montana Will Be Performing On The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Los Angeles just became heaven for Monbebe.

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The “Run BTS!” Editors Are Fangirling Over Jungkook Again

They let their inner Jungkook stans run while in the latest Run BTS! episode.

BTS’s Jimin Challenged His Acrophobia To A Game And Lost Big Time

He faced his fears, but it didn’t go so well.

BLACKPINK Arrives Home From Hawaii Looking Like Summer Goddesses

They are back from filming “BLACKPINK Summer Diary”.

ARMYs Are Falling In Love With BTS’s Hot Bodyguard, Because Whoa

This attractive bodyguard has his own fanclub.

“PRODUCE X 101” Fans Gather 100 Million Won To Fund The Debut Of The 9 Disqualified Members

They want another project group like JBJ.

16 Times Suga’s Dry Sense Of Humor Made Us Cackle

If you like sarcasm, you’ll love Suga.

Sandara Park Surprising Her Friend With EXO’s Autographs Is Literally The Best Thing Ever

You’ll be smiling from ear to ear:

JYJ’s Jaejoong Shows Love For BTS RM’s Solo Mixtape, “mono”

This meeting of kings is small, but meaningful.

People Are Worried For UEE After Seeing How Skinny She Is In Recent Photos

Fans hope she starts gaining weight.

X1 Have Officially Chosen Their Leader And Everyone Agrees He’s A Perfect Fit

Even netizens agree.

Here Are The Three X1 Members With Tattoos

Check out their tatts!

People Allegedly Swore At Cho Seungyeon When He Was Called As A Debut Member For X1

They were cursing at him as he walked the stage.

Actor Sung Hoon Adopts Abandoned Puppy That Was On The Verge Of Death

Sung Hoon provided her a forever home!

BTS’s Jin Ranks #1 For 2 Consecutive Weeks On Global Fandom Ranking

Congratulations, Worldwide Handsome!

Kim Mingyu Delivers Handwritten Letter To National Producers

He wrote a beautiful letter to fans and fellow Produce X 101 contestants.

This Rookie Actor From “Hotel Del Luna” Is Receiving Attention For His Handsome Visuals

Viewers are falling for his charms.

X1’s Lee Hangyul And Nam Dohyun Spotted At Cafe, Netizens Stunned By Their Visuals

Their visuals were stunning.

BTS’s Jimin Was Chosen As One Of GQ’s Best Dressed Men Of The Week

Truly a fashionista.

These Are 5 Idols K-Netz Want To Go On Vacation With

Vacation with an idol is like a dream come true!

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