SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Stood Next To This Idol And They Could Easily Be Brothers For This Reason


GOT7 Tried To Keep This Special Song A Secret, But Mark & BamBam Blew The Surprise

Ahgase can look forward to hearing this song on tour.

Kyungri Leaves Netizens Shocked In Her Sexy White Mini-Dress

“There’s no one like Kyungri”

10 Times K-Pop Girl Group Members Helped Each Other Battle Risky Outfits

Here’s to sisters helping sisters.

BTS’s Jungkook Didn’t Want Jimin To Get Hurt On Stage, So He Did This To Protect Him

He’s always looking out for his brothers.

Kang Daniel Responds To LM Entertainment’s Offer To “Help” With His New Solo Agency

LM wants to work with KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.

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SEVENTEEN’s Wonwoo And Woozi Created Their Own Language And Hearing It Will Make You Laugh

Only they could make it work.

CHUNGA HA Reveals She Binges This Scary Netflix Show To Keep Herself Awake

This show will definitely make it hard to fall asleep.

15 Weird Jungkook Facts That Only ARMYs Know

True Jungkook fans know more than just the basics.

MONSTA X’s PR Team Posted An “Unprofessional” Tweet Using Joohoney, And Fans Are Upset

It definitely wasn’t the usual MONSTA X tweet.

GOT7’s JB Pretending To Be An Ahgase At GOT7’s Fan Meeting Is All Too Cute

JB is GOT7’s cutest fanboy.

BTS’s Manager Sejin Is Getting More Respect From Fans Now Than Ever

BTS’s manager is getting nothing but love from BTS WORLD players.

BTS’s Jin Got Distracted By His Own Handsomeness During A Concert

Worldwide Handsome’s own visuals drove him to distraction at BTS’s 5th Muster.

Here Is NCT’s Doyoung Singing His Heart Out At A Subway Station To Brighten Up Your Day

Be blessed by his heavenly voice.

Stray Kids’ Fight Scene In “Side Effects” With Hyunjin And Seungmin Really Went Down Like This

Reality is far from expectation.

Woollim Entertainment Announces Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

“We do not plan on being lenient.”

Here Are All The Brands That ITZY Has Endorsed After Just Four Months Since Debut

They are rookies and they’ve already collaborated with some of the biggest names!

BTS’s Suga Clowned Fans For 2 Years Straight, But Now The Secret’s Out

The truth behind his mysterious photos has finally been revealed.

NCT 127’s Doyoung Thought He Hit Fans With His Frisbee Tossing And His Reaction Will Warm Your Heart

NCTzens come first for him.

Goo Hara Had To Deal With A Massive Wardrobe Malfunction On Japanese TV And It Has Fans Worried AF

Her dress slipped off.

BTS’s Jimin Lost His Spot On Stage And We’re Not Sorry For Laughing

Jimin had a hilarious mishap at BTS’s 5th Muster.

BTS’s Rap Line Is Giving ARMYs Nothing But Attitude In “BTS WORLD”

Managing Suga, RM, and J-Hope is giving BTS WORLD players a massive headache.

NCT’s Yuta Loves His Members So Much That He Keeps Them Close In This Unexpected Way

So, even idols do this…

Song Hye Kyo Looks Just like a Barbie Doll Now That Her Hair Is Fully Grown Out

Song Hye Kyo’s looking fierce!

ARMY Just Became BTS’s BTS WORLD Managers And They’re Already Stressed

This “dream job” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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