15 Idols Who All Do The Same Adorable Thing With Their Faces

These K-Pop idols can’t help but do something with their faces… and fans can’t be more thankful for their cutesy habits! Check out these 15 idols who have a habit of making their faces oh-so-adorable.   1. INFINITE’s L L has a tendency to bite his lips. Fans are surely thankful that he has such […]


Photos of Song Hye Kyo From 1998-2017 Show She’s Only Getting More Beautiful

Song Hye Kyo has been in the entertainment industry for two decades now, and she’s always looked stunning. Take a look at photos of her throughout the year to see how she’s changed throughout her career.   1998-1999 Song Hye Kyo made her drama debut as a teenager and went on to star in programs such as Six […]

Korean YouTuber Explores Abandoned School…And Meets Ghost

Korean Youtuber Heopop experienced something paranormal while he was exploring an abandoned school.   Heopop performed something he called the “Escape the Closing School Challenge” while broadcasting live on YouTube.   As if the idea of exploring an abandoned place wasn’t scary enough, he locked himself in with a number-coded lock.   He had to explore […]

7 Most Unusual Courses Offered In Korean University

1. Dating Dongguk University offers a Marriage and Family course where students date each other for a month. Each student must date three others by the end of the semester, and are required to go on dates with their partner as assignments.   2. Raw Fish Pukyong National University offers a course where students learn about the […]


When Suzy Debuted JYP Banned Her From Smiling In Public, Here’s Why

After her debut, Suzy was told by JYP that she was not allowed to laugh without covering her mouth.   He thought it made her face look unflattering, but that didn’t stop her!   She had a hard time remembering to cover her mouth when she laughed and showed her face anyway!   Fans still […]


IU’s Concert Staff Reveals What She Is Really Like In Person

An Instagram post by an alleged staff member revealed what it is like to prepare for the upcoming concert tour with IU.   The staff, who chose to remain anonymous, shared IU’s professional work ethic on his Instagram account. Source: Dispatch  “IU rehearses with the full band at least four times a week, which itself is […]


This Korean Actress Is So Beautiful Even Yoona’s Eyes Sparkle When Looking At Her

During the Baeksang Arts Awards, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona was seated next to actress Son Ye Jin in the audience.   The two actresses could be seen cheerfully conversing, sharing stories and talking for several minutes.   Despite having a doll-like appearance herself, Yoona was completely enamored by Son Ye Jin’s elegant visuals!   The two celebrities literally brightened up […]


Jimin Reveals He Almost Failed To Debut With BTS Because He Was So Bad At This

BTS’s Jimin revealed the reason why he was almost unable to debut as an idol.   Jin and Jimin talked about their pre-debut days on JTBC’s Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.   Jimin, who’s famous for his dancing kills, surprised everyone by revealing that it wasn’t always the case. “I almost failed to join the […]


Here’s What Happens When BTS’s Jin Gets Drunk

BTS’ Jin revealed his drinking habits on JTBC’s Please Take Care of my Refrigerator.   Jungkook, Jimin, and he often share drinks to celebrate after a concert tour.   Jin mentioned that he often gets extremely clingy and loving when he is under the influence of alcohol! “I’m a cutie.Even when I’m sober, I tend […]

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