Each BIGBANG Member Caused Scandals That Shocked The Nation, Here’s The Full List


Yoona’s Red Carpet Dress Revealed A Clear Outline Of Her Butt, Everyone Stared

Everyone was staring at Yoona’s butt as she walked the red carpet!

Red Velvet Irene Falls Down Flight Of Stairs, Rescued By Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum, the gentleman, does it again!

BTS V Seen Crying After Heated Argument With Jin Backstage

V and Jin got into an argument about their choreography minutes before showtime.

South Korea’s Soccer Team Once Got Egged After Arriving In Korea, And Son Heung Min Nearly Burst In Tears

But luckily fans and netizens are rallying behind them.

3 Things You Never Knew About Taeyeon, That’ll Make You Cry

Taeyeon is a gem in the K-Pop industry. She makes sure you know this, by staying real.

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10 Aegyo Techniques That’ll Make Any Oppa Fall In Love

K-Pop idols are talented and beautiful, AND they all come with killer aegyo that is impossible to ignore.

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The dynamite-duo of beauty!

Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS

Does BTS have any love experience?

Here Are The 30 Most Popular Idols In Korea Right Now

According to the Korean Business Research Institute.

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18 Of EXO’s Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents Of All Time

Even EXO isn’t perfect.

14 Most Important Moments That Made K-Pop History

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Here’s how each member of WJSN looks without makeup

Here’s how the girls of WJSN look without makeup!

18 Times Lisa Gave Us All Serious Instagram Envy

Her Instagram page is way too gorgeous.

You Need To See SEVENTEEN’s DK Dressed As King Arthur Right Now

DK in chainmail is guaranteed to make your heart flutter.

Xiumin’s Heartfelt Words About EXO-Ls Are Causing Eyes To Tear Up

What did we do to deserve him?

10 Times BTS’s Expensive Tastes Made Everybody Feel Poor

These moments will make ARMYs scream “too expensive”!

JooE Stole the Spotlight on Momoland’s Comeback Stage of “I’m so Hot”

JooE’s so addicting to watch.

Filipina EXO-L Made Everyone Jealous With Her Special Prom Date

They wish their prom date would have been like hers!

10+ Lucky BLACKPINK Fans Who Got The Best Fanservice Ever

These moments might make you a little jealous.

Sungjae Is BTOB’s New Leader After A Bizarre Series Of Events

Sungjae is now more powerful than he’s ever been.

Son Naeun’s Recent Appearance in a Mini Dress Has Fans Gasping for Air

What a goddess.

Fans Spot BTS’s Jimin Out Shopping In Hong Kong

They spotted him out shopping between concerts.

No One Knows Which Idols Are Really In These Photos Going Viral Online

These photos of idols are causing some serious confusion:

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