ATEEZ’s Mingi Makes First Public Appearance Since His Hiatus Began, And All ATINYs Are Celebrating

It has been nearly 6 months since we’ve seen him!

Announcer Park Shin Young Apologizes For Causing Car Accident That Killed A Delivery Man

“I am so deeply sorry.”

These Are The Shortest To Tallest Of 16 Third Generation K-Pop Boy Groups

There’s a 4″ difference between the shortest and tallest!

Netizens Criticize SM Entertainment After Making Changes To The Release Of EXO’s Upcoming Album “Don’t Fight The Feeling”

It isn’t the first time the company has come under fire!

“Vincenzo” Actor Kim Young Woong Reveals How Nervous He Was When He Asked Song Joong Ki For A Favor

He was super nervous when asking him for the favor!

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“If You Got On This Bus, Who Would You Sit Next To?” — Fun Netflix Quiz Takes Internet By Storm

Can we seat-hop from one seat to another?

ITZY’s Ryujin Picks Between Being Known For Her Iconic Blue Hair Or For Looking Like Actress Han So Hee

Ryujin really didn’t see this question coming!

Here’s How Rumors Start About Some K-Pop Idols Being Difficult To Work With

KARD’s BM revealed why it stops people from working with those idols.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi And Seungkwan Get Fiercely Competitive And Their Play Fighting Has Us Wheezing

They wouldn’t stop provoking each other! 😂

McDonald’s Employees Are Soon Getting BTS Shirts — Here’s What It Looks Like

This is more exciting than Happy Meal toys!

Netizens Can’t Tell If This Photo Is Of Block B’s Zico Or iKON’s Bobby

Who do you think it is?

P1Harmony’s Keeho Revealed The Story Behind His Old Gold Teletubby Necklace— And How It Was Stolen

The necklace was of his favorite Teletubby character!

SHINee’s Taemin Reveals His MBTI Personality Type— Here’s What It Says About Him

His personality type is often associated with music and art!

Here’s 10 ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Jin and Suga’s “Butter” Teaser Photos

Works of art.

4 New K-Pop Songs And 2 New Albums Just Debuted On Billboard World Charts

One artist has never charted before!

Kwak Dong Yeon Reveals The Grand Dream He Hopes To Achieve In 10 Years And It’s The Sweetest Thing

His dream really shows how sweet he is as a person!

EXO’s Kai Trends For His Chaotic Food Creation

He played with fire to make it 😂

TWICE’s Jeongyeon Bursts Into Tears After Reading Nayeon’s Handwritten Letter

It was a touching moment.

Oh Yeon Seo Reveals Her Obsession With Anime, Comic Books, And More

“People say that I look like I would be uptight and cold when they first see me, but many people are surprised when they get to know me.”

THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo Couldn’t Help But Fanboy Over iKON’s Bobby And It Got Him Flustered

Sunwoo is definitely an iKONIC

These Are The 5 Actors Nominated For The 2021 Baeksang’s “Best Actor” And The List Is Impressive

Who do you think will take the crown?

THE BOYZ’s Kevin Reveals Which Stray Kids And ATEEZ Members He’s Become Close With

He shared what he liked most about the two members.

BTS Reveals Their Individual Flaws In Latest “Run BTS!”

RM’s confession was shocking!

KARD’s BM Speaks Out In Solidarity With Palestine And Colombia

He used his platform to bring awareness.