Aespa’s Winter And RIIZE’s Sungchan Caught Up In Ridiculous Dating Rumor
Do you think there’s any substance to it?
“Music Bank” Announcement Sparks Hope That RIIZE’s Seunghan Will Soon Be Returning
Fans can’t wait.
RIIZE’s Seunghan To Allegedly Return To The Group, According To Influential Ex-Trainee Han Seo Hee
She is said to be making a comeback.
RIIZE Member’s Mother Goes Viral For Her Gorgeous Celebrity Visuals In Latest Photoshoot
NewJeans’ Hanni And RIIZE Anton’s Viral Dating Allegations Spark Mass Speculation Over Who Started It
Netizens feel they know who started the rumor.
RIIZE Wonbin’s Unexpected Multipurpose Use Of His Phone Goes Viral
He shocked netizens.
RIIZE Seunghan’s Seemingly Spotted Reading Fan Letters During His Hiatus
Netizens’ voiced their desire for answers with chants.
Video Of RIIZE’s Wonbin “Mocking” A Fan’s Reaction Is Going Viral
Fans can’t stop talking about it!
One Filipino Delicacy Got RIIZE’s Sungchan Absolutely Addicted
We’re not surprised!
RIIZE Wonbin’s “Real” Height Triggers Heated Debate Once Again 
“It’s so frustrating…”
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