ZEROBASEONE’s Matthew And Taerae Break Table At Fanmeeting
It wouldn’t be the first time.
5th Gen K-Pop Idol Wishes Fan A Happy Pride Month
“Just made my whole week.”
ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Panics When Compared To Popular K-Pop Heartthrob
“He knew it was a set up.”
ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Confesses He’s “Not Happy,” And WAKEONE Knows
He implied he didn’t design his zeroni character.
ZEROBASEONE On Strike? Members “Protest” At Their Fanmeeting
The signs were fan-given.
ZEROBASEONE Fans Demand Better Treatment For Kim Jiwoong
They miss his activities.
Aespa’s Karina And ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Get Accidentally Photobombed
When you see it… 😂
ZEROBASEONE Matthew’s “F’ed Up” Birthday Cake Shocks Another Celebrity
He did his best, we would try it!
ZEROBASEONE Sparks Drastically Split Reactions Over Their Recent Encore Performance
“If a girl group sang like this they would get trashed.”
Netizens Are Weirded Out By ZEROBASEONE’s New Choreography
This looks questionable. 🤣
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