December 8th

Captain Son Heung Min Is Going Viral For His Behavior Towards His Teammates At Incheon Airport Following Their Return To Korea
It proves why he was picked as the team’s captain!
Bang Shi Hyuk Shows Off An Incredible Gift He Received From A Legendary Musician
The flex is out of this world.
ARMYs Continue To Raise Anger Towards HYBE On The Alleged Mistreatment Of BTS J-Hope, Gaining The Attention Of Korean Media
Fans have been demanding a response from HYBE since J-Hope’s solo album!
“Bedroom Selfie?” — “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” Star Moon Sang Min Reveals The Truth About His Picture With Han So Hee
The rising star set the record straight!
“Bring Back Actor V” — BTS’s V Is Making ARMYs Nostalgic About “Hwarang” Days With His Photo-Folio
V is always showcasing his status as a true “All-Rounder!”
HOOK Entertainment CEO Responds To Prescription Drug Allegations — Vows Legal Action
The agency vowed legal measures against a previous article.
“Player 9” Cho Gue Sung Goes Viral After Shocking With His Idol-Like Visuals In Unedited Preview Images
All he was doing was taking off his mask…
Son Heung Min’s Notoriously Strict Father Calls Himself A “Third-Rate” Player
It’s obvious Son Heung Min gets his humbleness from his father.

December 7th

HOOK Entertainment CEO Is Hit With New Allegations That She Violated Several Drug Laws
CEO Kwon Jin Young’s lawyer responded to the allegations.
Eagle-Eyed ARMYs Realize BTS’s V Spoiled His Photo-Folio Months Ago
We had no idea all this time until now!