June 19th

Is IU The Last National Singer In Korea’s Mainstream Music Industry?— Netizens React
Do you agree with this?
BTS’s BT21 Criticized For Promoting NewJeans — Brand Responds
The initial backlash took over social media.
Adulterous Korean Woman’s Public Letter To Her Boyfriend’s Wife Sparks Fierce Backlash
Netizens are furious.

June 18th

Where Is He Now? The Produce X 101 Contestant Who Qualified For The Finale But Was Eliminated
He grew up so well.
Kim Woo Bin And Shin Min Ah Spotted Being The Perfect Couple In New Viral Photos
The couple have been dating for 10 years!
Second-Generation Idol Is Proud To Say There Are No More Sasaengs In His Fandom
They respect his privacy.
New Photo Of Song Joong Ki And Katy Louise Saunders With Their Baby In Glitzy Seoul Neighborhood Goes Viral
“He’s really a dad now…”
Netizens Are On The Edge Of Their Seats As Kwon Eunbi Mentions The Korean President During Recording
She is always barely crossing the line!
Lee Mijoo Gets Harsh Backlash For Sharing Her Dangerous Diet
No one should try to mimic her diet.
TXT’s Beomgyu Suffers Ankle Injury
Get well soon, Beomgyu.
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