October 4th

HYBE Set To Launch Digital Collectibles Platform Within October Amid Fan Opposition
Fans have a common reason for opposing this new platform.
Actress Han So Hee Shocks Netizens By Showing Off Both Her Tattoo And New Eyebrow Piercing In Recent Instagram Post
Han So Hee is truly badass AF!
Netizens React To The News That Comedian Park Soo Hong Was Assaulted By His Own Father
“I feel Park Soo Hong will be scarred for life…”
BLACKPINK Jennie’s Flawless Visuals And Huge Security Team At Chanel’s Show At Paris Fashion Week Proves Her Global Influence
Everyone wanted a piece of Jennie before the event even started!
What Is Stray Kids’ Net Worth? The Members Have The Most Hilariously Unexpected Answer
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Crush Has The Funniest Reaction To BIBI Saying She Can’t Be Friends With Men In Relationships
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NMIXX’s Sullyoon And Bae Goes Viral For Constantly Private Messaging Their Fans
Which idol would you like to spam your messages?
BLACKPINK’s Iconic B-Side Track “Tally” Was Almost Given To American Singer Doja Cat, According To Its Producer
Here’s the story behind it.
Luxury Brand Cartier Went To Extreme Lengths To Secure BLACKPINK’s Jisoo As Their Global Ambassador
It was reportedly a fight between luxury brands Cartier and Dior!
As Details Of Park Soo Hong’s Assault Are Revealed, His Close Friend Son Heon Soo Lashes Out At Prosecutors
The father is also said to have threatened to stab his son with a weapon.