September 25th

Korean Netizens React To RIIZE’s Unexpected Recent Chart Performance
The group’s initial streaming performance was unexpectedly muted.
Kwon Eunbi Shocks Korean Netizens After Revealing Her Weight On TV
“I can’t believe it…”
“This Shouts Freedom!” BLACKPINK Lisa’s Departure To Paris For Her Upcoming Performances Gains Attention
Considering the rumors on her YG contract, all her actions are sparking debate!
Netizens Are Ecstatic To See A Famous Korean Actor On His First-Ever Variety Show — 25 Years After His Debut
The fact that it’s “Running Man” is making netizens more excited.
This Korean Athlete Is So Handsome, Reporters Thought He’s A K-Pop Idol
In another life, he could have definitely debuted.
SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Gains Attention After “Calling Out” A Fan For Not Respecting Airport Rules
“I hope this serves as a reminder to everyone…”
“Is It Even Real?” IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Looks Stunning After Debuting Her New Blonde Hair — Why Netizens Are Happy Many Believe It’s A Wig
Many think it should be normalized in K-Pop!
“I’m Not That Nice” — Actor Kang Ha Neul Denies Being A Nice Guy In The Nicest Way Possible
Nice… AND humble?
Song Joong Ki Addresses Backlash From Previous Controversial Statement
“I was in Italy when I found out…”
“Who Was It?” BTS’s Jungkook Calls Out The Person Who Spoiled The “3D” Digital Single Announcement Before His “Global Citizen Festival” Performance
It was shared hours before the idol wanted it to be released!