NMIXX Fans Come To Sullyoon’s Defense For Not Looking “Pretty Enough” While Performing
“I thought we all wanted visuals to be talented too??? Make up your mind damn.”
NMIXX Sullyoon’s Private Instagram Gets Leaked, Netizens React
They’ve wasted their time if they thought something would come out of her account.
NMIXX Lily’s Reaction To Someone Throwing Trash In Her Bike Basket Reveals Her True Personality
She’s so kind!
TWICE’s Sana Makes NMIXX’s Sullyoon So Flustered She Almost Forgot Her Lines
She’s a true ONCE 😆
NMIXX’s “Contract Termination” Comedy Video Sparks Mixed Reactions
“… like it didn’t literally happen 😭😭”
JYP Entertainment’s Latest Collaboration Announcement Sparks Criticism Amidst The Global Boycott
“JYPE chooses once again to be a money hungry company…”
NMIXX’s Jiwoo Is Getting Praised For Recent Visuals
“She’s pretty and has always been pretty.”
NMIXX’s Sullyoon Pushed By Fan Sparking Concerns For Idols’ Safety
“This is a mess…”
Fans Never Have To Worry About Encore Performances With NMIXX
They eat CDs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Netizens Praise 4th Generation Girl Group For Live Singing While Dancing During Music Show Encore
Best vocals in the 4th generation.
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