NMIXX’s Lily Shocks Netizens By Debuting Her Darkest New Hair Color Since Debut

Everyone is obsessed.

NMIXX‘s Lily has always been known for her unique hair.

Since debuting, it seems like netizens have never seen Lily with anything but bright hair colors, specifically blonde and light pink.

NMIXX’s Lily | @nmixx_official/Instagram
| @nmixx_official/Instagram
| @nmixx_official/Instagram

On July 10, Lily shocked netizens with a dramatic hair transformation.

The members arrived at Incheon Airport ahead of overseas schedules in Italy, specifically the I-Days Milano event. As the members came out of the car, Lily was the first to be seen my the media and fans, and she shocked everyone with dark brown hair.

In photos, while Lily’s visuals were undeniable, it was definitely a huge transformation as the color is nothing like anything the idol has ever done.



Fan photos showcased just how much Lily suits the hair color.




When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over Lily’s new hairstyle. Although she has had a number of hair colors since debuting, they have tended to stick with lighter and brighter tones, so although the brown is still not hugely dark, it was still a shock to see it.

It is definitely a huge shock and change for Lily, but she definitely looks beautiful.

Source: Spinel CAM


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