Netizens Shocked After NMIXX Gets Hate For Singing Live Without A Backing Track

The viral tweet had some malicious comments.

Netizens are shocked after NMIXX received “Hate” for singing live without a backing track.

The members of NMIXX | @nmixx_official/Twitter

Since debuting, NMIXX has been known and praised for their live vocals, even singing live while filming their dance practice videos.

Recently, a new video with NMIXX was released and at one point, the members start singing and dancing without a backing track.

When the clip was posted, it quickly went viral online.

Sadly, when the video was posted, there was a flood of negative and suspicious comments under the tweet. Many thought that JYP Entertainment was trying to “find” a way to make NMIXX go viral by taking advantage of the discourse on idols singing live.

Netizens were quick to defend the girls, claiming that it was stupid that NMIXX were being “dragged” for being good at their job of being idols and that the group has always prided themselves on their live vocals. Others shared that it wasn’t a viral moment being staged but a video for EA SPORTS FC.

It’s a shame that NMIXX are being called out for apparently “trying too hard” when it’s just their job.



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