FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid” Producer Sent To Prosecutors For Alleged Crimes
The producer is facing additional gaslighting allegations.
FIFTY FIFTY Set To Re-Debut This Summer, Holds Preliminary Auditions For New Members
We should be getting new FIFTY FIFTY songs by June!
Where Are The Former FIFTY FIFTY Members Now?
Their legal team shared an update.
Korean Lawmaker Introduces “FIFTY FIFTY Act” To Protect Small And Medium-Sized Agencies
ATTRAKT’s CEO responded to the bill.
ATTRAKT Reportedly Sues Former FIFTY FIFTY Members For 130 Billion KRW
The label is also suing the members’ parents and The Givers.
ATTRAKT CEO Allegedly Followed “Disgusting” Porn And Gore Accounts On His Social Media
“Maybe it was for the best they left..”
FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Receives Attention For New Hairstyle
Her visuals just keep upgrading.
FIFTY FIFTY Become The First K-Pop Girl Group In History To Hit This International Chart Achievement
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Korean Netizens React To FIFTY FIFTY Keena’s First Solo Appearance At “2023 Billboard Music Awards”
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FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena Pens Handwritten Letter To Fans
That day marked the group’s first anniversary.