Fans Trend “We Stand With LOONA” To Show Support For The Members’ “Friendship And Bravery”
Fans are also boycotting BlockBerry Creative.
Chuu Addresses Fans On Instagram About Her Current Situation For The First Time Since Her Removal From LOONA
“I have not done anything to embarrass the fans…”
LOONA’s Gowon And Heejin Go Viral After Showing Their Love For Chuu During A Fancall
It comes after the idol was removed from the group.
9 Members Of LOONA Reportedly File Injunction To Suspend Contract With BlockBerry Creative
This comes days after Chuu was removed from LOONA
Blockberry Creative Enrages Netizens With “Nonsensical” New Statement Regarding Chuu
“What are they even saying?”
LOONA Hyunjin’s Honest Reaction To Chuu’s Removal Worries Fans
She came by the Fab app to let all of her feelings out.
LOONA Fans And Staff Members Defend Chuu, Fire Back At BlockBerry Creative 
“Power abuse, that’s really funny…”
BlockBerry Creative Announces Chuu Has Been Kicked Out Of LOONA
She is no longer in LOONA.
Eagle-Eyed LOONA Fans Notice This Detail Following The Release Of ITZY’s Tracklist
Fans of both groups noticed this cool detail!
A Third-Generation Idol Shocks Netizens With Her Insane Body Proportions, Despite Being Only 148 CM
“Whoa… I thought she was around 160 to 163 cm tall…”