[★FEATURE] TOP10 Moments of Running Man Episode #238

In episode 238, the Running Man members test their luck as they try to win as many coins as possible! With Kim Dong Hyun and Sung Si Kyung joining, this episode had plenty of highlights, one being the GaryJihyoSung Si Kyung love triangle. Check out our TOP 10 moments from this week’s episode below!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Kwangsoo and Sukjin’s bizarre entrance
…need we say more?

2. Jongkook, the “singer athlete”
When Dong Hyun greeted Jongkook, he jokingly said he looked forward to their upcoming brawl on Running Man. When Jongkook shied away and pointed out that he was a pro fighter, Dong Hyun immediately countered him by saying he, Jongkook, is a singer athlete, and his fighting friends had high expectations for him.

3. Kwangsoo being thrown down…twice
Kwangsoo, arriving second to the mat, found that his main target was already taken. So he immediately ran to the middle person, Dong Hyun. Needless to say, Kwangsoo was thrown down like a potato sack. Afterwards, he tried to flip Sung Si Kyung onto the mat, which led to his second failure. Perhaps you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew Kwangsoo ㅋㅋㅋ

4. Haha’s pride and Jongkook’s blackmail
Haha, delighted that he finally got a “doubling coin card,” rubbed his good luck in Jongkook’s face. However, his happiness was short lived after Jongkook blackmailed him into giving up his luckily earned coin. Poor Haha~

5. Gary’s foolishness
Gary and Jaesuk finally opened a locker together, where Gary being fooled by the key card, thinking he won when in actuality he lost

6. Dud-soo appears!
Dud-soo, in all secrecy, whispered to Jaesuk that the leading person has a whopping amount of 48 coins. Jaesuk, of course knowing this, still pretended to be in utter shock after hearing Kwangsoo’s secret. We both thought the quote underneath the scene was perfect: “dud for luck, dud for brains, giraffe is striking out left and right

7. Dud-soo eliminating…Haha?
Ah, Haha should have known better than to form a “poor man’s alliance” with Kwangsoo. What else can we expect from the #1 Running Man betrayer? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8. Annnnd Kwangsoo’s karma strikes back
Forced compromised position by Dong Hyun + Haha’s rage kicks + Dong Hyun’s nametag and jacket rip = 1 mortified Dud-soo ㅋㅋ

9. Sung Si Kyung’s naive-ness to Running Man
It was cute to see Sung Si Kyung curiously asking his VJ on what happens to the eliminated members. When he answered, “They go to jail,” Sung Si Kyung again proved his naive-ness with, “SBS has a jail?” o.o

10. Dong Hyun’s and Sung Si Kyung’s playful banter
Dong Hyun: “Don’t you know, a lion never lets go on something he has already bitten into.”
Sung Si Kyung: “Have you forgotten?! You’re a human!”

Dong Hyun was just too into the game!