9 GIFs Capturing Stray Kids Bang Chan And Felix’s Close Bond

The members from Australia have a special connection.

There is no doubt that Stray Kids is a close-knit group, and the members have special friendships, but the Aussie line never fails to make fans feel a range of emotions. Whether they’re baking together or playing UNO, Bang Chan and Felix‘s interactions are always cute enough to be captured. Here are nine of these moments as GIFs!

1. There’s always fun chaos when these two are in the same room.

2. They turn any mood into an exciting one.

3. Leader Bang Chan gently takes care of Felix.

4. Hugs and squeezes!

5. It’s rare that these two are not touching.

6. The soft leader shows his care for the younger member.

7. Happiness is written all over both of their faces.

8. The limit of their love for Australia does not exist.

9. The two of them are fluffy and precious!

They’re like two peas in a pod, and watching their adorable exchanges never becomes less wholesome.

Stray Kids