10 Moments From BTS Jimin’s Special Appearance On “Leemujin Service” You Don’t Want To Miss

Jimin even had the perfect suggestions for future guests.

BTS‘s Jimin was the featured guest in the most recent episode of Leemujin Service, hosted by Lee Mujin. Although his appearance was unexpected, fans loved the special episode.

BTS’s Jimin | @mujin_plz/Instagram

Here are ten moments from the episode you don’t want to miss.

1. All the April Fool’s Day pranks

Since the episode aired on April Fool’s Day, both Lee Mujin and Jimin didn’t miss opportunities to joke around.

Lee Mujin joking about his guest for the episode | KBS Kpop/YouTube 
| KBS Kpop/YouTube  
| KBS Kpop/YouTube  
Jimin jokingly not coming out after his introduction | KBS Kpop/YouTube  

2. Jimin greeting his “fans”

They may not be the “fans” he’s used to seeing, but he greeted them kindly nevertheless.

3. Jimin’s reaction to Lee Mujin calling him “oppa

Jimin wasn’t expecting it, but ARMY found it all too relatable.

4. Lee Mujin’s cover of BTS songs

His voice has always been incredible, and ARMY were impressed by his stunning take on BTS songs.

5. Jimin’s angelic voice

Jimin’s live vocals are astounding.

6. Lee Mujin’s perfect description of Jimin’s vocal talent

We couldn’t agree more!

Each and every time I listen to BTS music, for myself, I think Jimin’s role is you make the song refreshing when the song is hard. I’ve always thought that you play such a sweet role. But since it’s contained in one song… How should I say it? Should I say that it feels like I’m at a Kyoto hot spring? The muscles of the body… The muscles that were stiff [relax]. And usually, there aren’t that many staff members, so I was nervous, but listening to your song made me really calm.

— Lee Mujin

| KBS Kpop/YouTube  

7. Jimin sneezing

It was especially endearing that it was right after a compliment.

8. Jimin’s recommendations for future guests

ARMY can’t wait to see them appear!

9. Jimin teaching Lee Mujin choreography

Don’t mind us taking notes…

10. Their final “performance”

Technically this wasn’t part of the episode, but the finished product is precious.

You can watch the episode for yourself here.


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