EXO’s Lay Reveals His “First Times” In A New English Interview

From his first song to his first nickname, these are some Lay “firsts” that fans might not know yet.

EXO‘s Lay recently sat down for an interview in which he revealed, in English, many “firsts” that fans might not know yet.


When asked about his first instrument, the piano, Lay revealed that he didn’t always have a passion for playing music.

Lay’s mother introduced him to the piano when he was six years old, and insisted that it was an important skill for him to learn, but Lay didn’t enjoy playing it. It wasn’t until he was 14 years old that he realized how important music was to him.


Lay’s first nickname, which translates to “Handsome Handsome” was also given to him by his mother. Fans can agree that the nickname still suits him today!


The first record Lay every bought was a Michael Jackson one that featured one of his most famous songs, “Billie Jean”.


Up until 2008, when Lay moved to Korea, he had a cat named…Cat.


While answering this question, Lay realized that he had never given the feline a proper name! He laughed and apologized to his Cat for it.


When asked about his first self-written song, Lay revealed that it wasn’t exactly a work of genius. The first song he ever wrote was about the weather.


The first thing Lay does in the morning is…

…use the bathroom, just like everyone else does. It looks like he is human after all!


When asked to describe his first impression of the US, Lay described it as a large country populated by good-looking people with a variety of visuals.

He also expressed his love for New York’s famous hot dogs.


The first show Lay ever binge-watched? None to date. Lay is too busy living a musician’s life to consume episode after episode of his favourite shows!


Lay’s first performance took place in a TV competition in his hometown of Changsha. At the time, Lay was only 13 years old, but he ended up placing in the show’s top three.


Lay isn’t sure when he first fell in love with dancing, but he sees it as a “weapon” that helps him to gain recognition.


His first big purchase was a really, really big purchase. He bought his mother a house to pay her back for all the money she spent on him growing up, and to thank her for raising him.


Speaking of homes, Lay said that he has never owned an apartment because he lives in hotels. He isn’t against the idea of buying one though.


Lay finished off the interview by revealing his hidden culinary talent: he considers himself a master at making toast.


For more, check out Lay’s full interview here.