Just 10+ Gifs Of The Big Hit Entertainment Staff Roasting BTS’s Jin

They’re just doing Jin dirty.

BTS‘s Jin is known as quite the rebellious person, as he has savagely ignored the rules at Big Hit Entertainment several times.

There have also been moments when the Big Hit Entertainment staff savagely roasted Jin. A YouTube channel by the name of “arielle” compiled a few of these moments. Here’s a list of some of the times the Big Hit Entertainment staff roasted Jin.

1. Questioning Jin

2. Roasting Jin for making a fuss

The editors first roasted him for making a fuss as soon as he touched the water.

The editors then roasted Jin on his questionable reactions.

It concludes with the editors roasting Jin for how long he took.

3. Just doing Jin dirty

Jin originally tries to claim that the staff members were amazed by him during his ride in the water.

The editors then revealed the truth and showed that Jin might have been exaggerating a bit.

4. Roasting Jin for making a fuss (again)

5. Jin’s knowledge

Jin originally didn’t know what lenticular meant, so the staff explained it to him.

Jin then tried to make a smart comment, but the staff members quickly shut him down.

6. Roasting Jin’s ability to win

Jin and Jimin ended up making a bet, without the staff members even asking them to.

The editors then proceed to roast Jin for his comments.

7. Jin not understanding the staff

Here is the full video below!