Netizens Talk About The Best Male K-Pop Group Leaders

They were born leaders!

K-Pop leaders are sometimes overlooked, but their jobs are difficult, and although it may not be as evident, they have a big role to play in the group.

Korean netizens discussed who they thought the best K-Pop group leader is among the large pool of leaders. Here are some of their answers.

1. EXO’s Suho

EXO‘s Suho has been noted as a good leader by EXO-Ls because he always makes sure to take care of his members and watch over them. Since debut until now, Suho has proven time and time again that he is the best leader for his group.

2. BTS’s RM

BTS‘s RM has shown that he has good leadership skills, always making sure to take care of his members in Korea and especially abroad. He has shown ARMYs what he is capable of as a leader and both his members and his fans are always amazed at how he leads his group.

3. SEVENTEEN’s S.coups

SEVENTEEN‘s S.coups is not only SEVENTEEN’s leader, but also CARATs’ leader. He has proven his leadership multiple times and has always made sure to take good care of both his members and CARATs.

4. BTOB’s Seo Eungkwang

BTOB‘s Seo Eungkwang has been a leader for a long time, and he has always shown that he is a good leader. He is always there for his members who rely on him a lot as well.

5. NCT’s Taeyong

NCT‘s Taeyong is surely a good leader. He has showed his strong leadership a lot of times, and leading a lot of members has surely increased his skills.

Source: Nate Pann